Dirt Bike Helmet Buying Guide

Dirt bike helmet buying guide

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Dirt Bike Helmet Buying Guide


Riding a dirt bike is a very entertaining experience, especially when one navigates through bumpy roads at high speed.

This implies that it comes with many risks, too, and on most occasions, the riders are injured. Besides, research has indicated that the number of dirt bike injuries is relatively high compared to other types of riding.

Therefore, after obtaining your first dirt bike before finding yourself in such an adverse situation, you need to invest greatly in your safety by purchasing appropriate riding gear.

One of the safety attire that you should never lack is the dirt bike helmet.

A helmet is the most crucial element while riding a dirt bike as it covers your head and face; thus, it guarantees maximum protection in case of an accident. However, numerous brands manufacturing dirt bike helmets have emerged, and for the new dirt bike enthusiasts could be difficult to tell which the best is.

To determine this, there are several elements that one needs to consider. This article will explore all that and guide you through finding value for your money while purchasing your dirt bike helmet.

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Important points to consider

1. Comfortability

Dirt bike riding is among the most entertaining leisure activities that most people engage in. this requires maximum comfort and can only be achieved by having a good dirt bike helmet. Even though every helmet is relatively comfortable, the comfort aspect is measured in size and fitting.

When you pick a relatively small size, it will press your head, making you very uncomfortable. In contrast, if you go for a relatively large size, the helmet won’t hold your head perfectly; thus, it might not offer the maximum protection required.

Therefore settling for the right size should be the first factor to consider. Besides, the materials used in designing the helmet also play a huge role in comfort.

Look at the inner padding; are they comfortable and soft enough? Do they guarantee maximum breathability? Do they contain removable inner paddings that can be washed to prevent debris and sweat from building up? Also, the weight of the dirt bike helmet? Do they feel heavy, or can they be lightweight and worn for a longer period without getting tired?

If you factor in all the above considerations, you will be able to purchase a comfortable helmet, and thus it will make you safe on the road.

2. Ventilation of the dirt bike helmet

Ventilation is an important aspect of the helmet as they bring in cool and refreshing air and take out hot and moist air, thus making the rider stay in a comfortable environment.

Dirt biking involves a series of events that require concentration; this makes the rider sweat a lot, and having a well-ventilated helmet will help keep him in a good cool environment; therefore, it is wise to choose a well-ventilated dirt bike helmet.

Although ventilation is based on personal preferences, it is important to know that a well-ventilated helmet is the best.

3. Shape and design

Different people have their measures for perfect shape and design. Something that might impress you more might not be perfect for your colleague. This makes the dirt bike helmet shape and design to become a crucial element.

Numerous brands are working on this to ensure they produce helmets that meet everyone’s preferences. Besides, in a place where budget is not a major concern, go for the high-ended dirt bike helmet, as they are well built with a design that will impress you more.

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However, the design can be customized to fit your demands in the contemporary world.

Besides, the shape of the dirt bike helmet should blend well with the head of the rider. When the dirt bike rider wears a properly fitted helmet, it helps reduce the impact of an accident.

Therefore to determine the appropriate size of your helmet, follow the below procedure.

  • Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your head. You can place the tape half an inch above your eyebrow to get optimum measurement, then ensure it passes above your ears and at the back of your head through the largest point. 
  • Look at the sizes offered by the manufacturers and then compare them with the measurement you obtained from the tape measure. However, you should note each dirt bike helmet manufacturer has different sizing criteria, and the measurement that you find on one helmet could be slightly different from the one obtained in a different brand. 
  • Look at the measurement that blends with what you obtain and if you cannot find the exact measurement, consider the one close to it; however, the margin should not be too wide. 

When you do it that way, you will be able to find the helmet that fits you perfectly.

4. Price

Everything comes at a price, and you will have to spend a few bucks to get a good dirt bike helmet.

However, when settling for a lower-end helmet, do not go for those cheaper than $100 because most are not good at handling the pressure that comes with dirt bike riding.

A good dirt bike helmet should range between $100 and $500; in between, you will get value for your money.

5. Overall safety

Overall, safety is the most important aspect of the helmet. The reason for purchasing it is to ensure you are safe while navigating the bumpy off roads.

On these roads, it is easy for one to skid and fall off and thus need optimum protective attires. Therefore, focus on the material used in making the helmet’s outer shell. Are they ABS materials that are durable and hard enough to sustain hard impacts?

Therefore, go for the known brands that have a good reputation and are known to be efficient and durable.


Having a dirt bike helmet is very important, and you should ensure your helmet is well fastened whenever you are racing.

Choosing the best dirt bike helmet will depend on your decisions, tastes, and preferences. However, if you find it difficult to consider, the outlined guidelines will help you.

Always conduct thorough research and make a comparison between different brands. Besides, whether you are a seasonal rider or just starting, ensure you have a good helmet.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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