TOP 07 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom for you (2024)

Motorcycle bluetooth intercom

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TOP 07 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom for you (2024)


Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom is among the fundamentals accessory that motorcycle riders should consider. It has a variety of uses that is important to riders not only for communication purposes but also can be used as a source of entertainment.

It is pretty overwhelming to choose which intercom to settle on because of the wide variety in the market. That’s why we have compiled a list of Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms that will help you distinguish the best based on the rider’s specifications.

Noting that different riders have different tastes, we have compiled a list based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms

The major advantages of motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms are:

  • It allows a convenient communication mechanism with your passengers or other riders. For example, carrying a passenger and one is riding at high speed will result in a lot of wind interference, making communication with other riders or passengers very difficult.  If both the rider and the passenger are on helmets, communication might be difficult, but with the aid of a Bluetooth communicator, this is much easier since one will not need to shout.
  • Calling for emergency services is much faster. Although it is not the majority’s wish that accidents should occur, it does happen on rare occasions. When such incidents happen, the best thing is to call for emergency services but imagine yourself in a scenario where it is hard to take off your helmet, and you need to communicate. The modern Bluetooth devices have been integrated with the intercom systems that have voice-activated functions. When one is incapable of moving, they can communicate at the comfort of their position and receive help.
  • It serves as an effective entertainment tool for riders. Listening to music and favorite radio stations are the most amazing things that do entertain riders. It helps them reduce a lot of thinking that can trigger stress and divert their minds from the road, resulting in an accident.
  • Hands-free answering of calls because of the integrated Bluetooth intercom system. There are cases where one receives a call during riding. Most of the riders stop to pick the call, which is not the best alternative, or some use one hand to pick then ride using the other, which is threatening and discouraged.  With a motorcycle communication system incorporated and configured with Bluetooth headsets, it is easier and very convenient.

Although motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms have numerous advantages, it also has some disadvantages. These are:

  • There are certain conditions that one can lose communication.
  • Comparing different intercom systems, some have the lowest bandwidth.
  • Communication range is for short distances only.

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If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.








Cardo FRC4P001-FREECOM 4 Plus



07 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

There are numerous Bluetooth headsets, but we shall focus on the best seven motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, which are:

1. SENA 50R


SENA 50R is a headset device wrapped up in a sleek and slim package, and it offers advancements and clarity in the Bluetooth 5.0 functions and mesh 2.0.

They are designed with quality speakers that deliver high volume from small packaging. They are fully integrated so that one can connect them with their mobile phones for easy communication while riding.

The advantage that Mesh 2.0 comes with is that it reduces the connectivity time, thus reducing the latency period and establishing a more robust connection, thus improving communication clarity.

This intercom comes with a fast charge battery essential in riding since it gets the rider back on the road much quicker.



  • It is water-resistant

  • Compatible with every smartphone that has Bluetooth technology.

  • It has voice-activated digital services

  • Easy to use

  • Instead of taking the entire helmet for charging, one can take the intercom unit off and charge it.

  • Bit heavy

  • Allows only one language. The recent ones are integrated with commands that can allow up to eight languages.

2. Cardo FRC4P001 – FREECOM 4 Plus

Cardo FRC4P001 – FREECOM 4 Plus

Cardo intercom devices are essential and easy to use since they allow the rider to focus on the road while their hands are on the bars.

It has been integrated with the new technology with a natural voice operation that allows the rider to remain in their original position since they do not need to press buttons or do anything.

All they have to do is say, “Hey Cardo,” and the Freecom 4+ will handle the rest of the work for the rider.

They are the best because they produce the best sounds; they are designed with cutting-edge designs that are very economical but produce a quality product.



  • Allows audio sharing

  • Automatically adjust their volume based on the outside ambient noises.

  • One can charge while they are riding.

  • Long-lasting batteries.

  • Has helmet audio system compatibility.

  • The sound system is not so good.

  • Quite expensive

  • Not so audible at high speeds

3. SENA 50S Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

SENA 50S Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

SENA 50S is almost similar to the SENA 50R, but it can be considered the most standard because it uses the standard helmet clamp.

Here the S brings in the difference in the audio realm since it comes in hand with three types of microphones which are the boom, wired boom, and the wired microphone.

This has made advancements in the quality and clarity of sound.

The major advantage over 50R is that this has a higher profile that is very compatible.



  • Has HD speakers that gives clarity in sound

  • Rapid fast charging.

  • It has an automatic firmware update since it is incorporated with the Wi-Fi adapter.

  • It has voice-activated digital assistance.

  • Only One language enabled.

  • Not so good Voice Control

  • Connection Issues



The freedconn technology’s main objective is to ensure that riders are comfortable and safe during their rides while receiving calls, listening to music, or the GPS navigator.

This allows the rider with their passenger or other riders to connect and share information wirelessly.

They are incorporated with the modern Bluetooth technology because it allows simultaneously or group connectivity.



  • Convenient when riding at high speed.

  • Allows connectivity of more than two people.

  • Swift switching feature

  • It allows long-distance connectivity of up to a maximum of 800 meters.

  • It is waterproof and dustproof.

  • Difficult to maintain.

  • It is very fragile.

  • Consume a lot of power.

5. EJEAS V6 PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

EJEAS V6 PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

EJEAS V6 PRO intercoms are designed specifically for motorcycle helmets.

They are much integrated since they come with a complete duplex calling system that allows the rider to speak and hear the partner’s voice during communication.

EJEAS V6 PRO headsets are the most affordable motorcycle bluetooth intercoms.



  • Perfect two-person intercom.

  • High durable battery.

  • Waterproof in this budget.

  • Has notification lights that alert the rider when it is full during charging and when the battery is low.

  • Hard to replace.

  • It does not allow firmware upgrades.

  • Lacks good built quality.

  • Poor accessibility while using Riding Gloves.

6. SENA 20S EVO-01


The most outstanding feature that differentiates SENA 20S-EVO-01 from other motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms is that it is designed with a fixed type with thin shark antennas, which has helped improve the intercom stability even at long distances.

They are built with HD speakers that allow riders to enjoy music and also make or take calls.

They have been designed well so that there is no interference during switching from one program to the other but overlay a smooth listening experience to the rider.



  • Simpler setting up and pairing of devices because of the antenna technology.

  • It allows audio multitasking.

  • It is incorporated with voice advancement noise control.

  • Supports FM radio.

  • Limited connection to few riders.

  • It does not support mesh intercom technology.

  • It does not allow pairing with the Bluetooth headsets of other make.



LEXIN LX-FT4 Bluetooth headset intercom system allows communication with many riders and limits the background noise, therefore producing clear and crisp audio.

It is designed with a higher battery life that can take the rider through long distances without being recharged along the way.

The objective of these Bluetooth intercoms was to keep the simple controls while on the road, and they are also user-friendly.



  • Premium sound quality functions.

  • Long-range intercom.

  • Supports much better Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Very durable and require a low cost of maintenance.

  • Consume a lot of power.

  • It does not allow firmware upgrades.

  • Overheating problems.


Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are essential equipment that every rider should consider having.

They help save on time during motorcycle riding and reduce the life-threatening factors that most motorists engage in, such as receiving mobile calls with one hand and controlling the bike with the other while at a higher speed.

The Bluetooth headsets mentioned above will help motorists distinguish the headsets that will suit their capabilities and functionality.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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