How to choose your Best Motorcycle Helmet? (7 Important Tips)

best motorcycle helmet

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According to the facts, Motorcycle Helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 65% and the risk of death by 40%, and this information leads to the point that Helmet is the life-saver for the motorcycle rider if he/she meets with an accident.

For your safety, you must wear a Certified, Protective, and Good-fit Helmet.

From 100s of Motorcycle Helmets in the market, it makes it difficult to choose and pick the best motorcycle helmet especially if you are a new motorcycle rider.

You may feel indecisive in choosing a suitable motorcycle helmet but now you don’t face difficulty as we help you to make your best choice by these top 7 important points that will help you to choose a Motorcycle Helmet.

1. Helmet Type

motorcycle helmet

Majorly Motorcycle Helmets are of three types:

  • Full-Face Helmet
  • Half-Face Helmet
  • Modular Helmet

While choosing Best Motorcycle Helmet, you should be aware of different types of Helmet so that you choose the best motorcycle helmet for you.

Here we tell you about three major types of Helmets in brief.

  • Full-Face Helmet: Full-Face Helmet is the most protective motorcycle helmet. This type of helmet provides proper protection to the rider’s head. A full-face helmet is recommended for professional heavy riders as they ride at high speeds. Full-face helmets also come in Carbon Fiber Shell which makes them light in weight as compared to other helmets.
  • Half-Face Helmet: Half-Face Helmet is a less protective helmet as compared to a full-face helmet because a half-face helmet doesn’t protect the Chin Portion of the rider’s face. So, it’s recommended to only those riders who ride at low speed and in cities.
  • Modular Helmet: Modular Helmet is a more protective helmet as compared to a half-face helmet but it’s less protective than a full-face helmet. A modular helmet is a helmet that is converted into both full-face and half-face helmets as per the rider’s choice, and this is the main reason why some riders choose them. Modular Helmet also comes in Carbon Fiber Shell. It is highly recommended to those riders who want an aerodynamic and airy feel for cruising.

More types of motorcycle helmets include Off-Road Helmet, Half-Shell Helmet, etc.

2. Budget for Best Motorcycle Helmet

Budget is a crucial aspect for a motorcycle enthusiast because every motorcycle’s accessories and safety gears fall under a variable price range.

If you are thinking of a new motorcycle helmet, you should focus on your budget as many different protective helmets range from low to high in terms of price.

Despite the budget, you should see other factors also like the best fit helmet, certification of the helmet, etc.

Because in case of a tight budget you must not miss other essential factors of a good motorcycle helmet.

So, you should also keep other things in your mind while buying a new motorcycle helmet.

If you are new to motorcycle riding, then click here to read 10 important points as our professional advice for new motorcycle riders.

3. Helmet Chin Strap Lock

Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap

Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap Lock is of two types:

  • Quick-Release Strap Lock
  • Double D Ring Strap Lock

Both these are installed in different types of motorcycle helmet. Quick-release strap lock is used substantially in open-face or half-face helmets that are used in daily life.

But Quick-Release Strap Locks are not much reliable as compare to Double D Ring Strap Locks in terms of high road impact because, in most tragic accidents, helmets with quick-release straps got detached from the rider during the incident.

Whereas in the case of helmets having Double D Ring Strap, they get intact to the head of the rider providing proper safety. And Double D Ring Strap Lock mechanism is generally seen in full-face helmets like in top-notch helmets like AGV, BELL, HJC, ARAI, etc.

So, we recommend if you are going to use your helmet in cities or you are a cruiser rider, then you would go with helmets having a quick-release mechanism so it will not bother you in city conditions and if you are an aggressive rider, then you should go with a helmet which has Double D Ring Strap Lock mechanism.

4. Inner Comfortable Padding

The good inner padding of a motorcycle helmet makes it more comfortable for wearing.

It is an important aspect mainly if you are a heavy rider and rides for hours and hours. It makes you intolerable when you use a helmet with thin or uncomfortable inner padding.

And if you opt for a helmet that has comfortable inner padding, you will feel more secure and intolerable while riding your motorcycle.

Therefore inner padding is one of the most salient components of the motorcycle helmet.

So, you should pick up a helmet that has excellent inner padding.

5. Certified Motorcycle Helmet

Certification of a Motorcycle Helmet is also a salient feature of the motorcycle helmet. A certified motorcycle helmet not only gives better protection to your head but also makes you feel more confident while riding your motorcycle.

Certification of helmets is done under various parameters and different conditions like weather, pressure testing, etc. Rigorous testing is done before declaring any motorcycle helmet as a certified helmet.

Top Certification of motorcycle helmets in the world are:

  • SNELL M2020 Certification
  • ECE 22.05 Certification
  • DOT FMVSS 218 Certification
  • SHARP Certification

Out of the above three certifications and according to research, SNELL Certification involves rigorous and extensive testing but others are also adequate in providing proper safety even in tragic impacts during accidents.

So, you should pick a certified motorcycle helmet for your safety and confidence on roads while riding.

6. Right Fit Helmet

Best fit motorcycle helmet

A Motorcycle Helmet with the proper fit is essential for a safe and less tiring bike ride. In other words, the Right Fit Helmet is beneficial for the safety of your head.

Proper Fit Helmets include helmets that are “Not so Loose, Not so Tight”.

Proper Fitting of a helmet depends on various factors like inner padding of a helmet, shell size of a helmet, the shape of the rider’s head, etc.

So, while buying a new motorcycle helmet, you should pick one with proper fitting.

7. Best Helmet Visor

Motorcycle Helmet Visor has essential roles in bike riding by blocking wind blasts, harmful radiations, protect the face from bugs, etc.

Motorcycle Helmet Visors are of different types:

  • Plain Visor
  • Mirrored Visor
  • Smoked Visor

It is difficult to tell one visor for all your needs. We will try to help you with the best helmet visor.

If you are into day riding or mostly ride in the daytime, then you should pick up mirrored visor for your motorcycle helmet.

In case you mostly ride at night or in conditions where there is less light, then you should buy a plain visor or transparent visor for higher visibility.

And if you ride both in the daytime and at night in cities only or well-lit places at night, then you will opt for a smoked visor which gives more visibility than mirrored visor but less visibility than a plain or transparent visor.

Conclusion for Best Motorcycle Helmet

We stated all 7 essential tips as our professional advice which will help every motorcycle rider like you to buy the best motorcycle helmet.

So, go through the above 7 Tips thoroughly before picking up a motorcycle helmet for you.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.


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