Top 7 Amazing Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

motorcycle maintenance tips

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Which motorcycle rider doesn’t want a smooth and shiny motorcycle? Well, we can think of none. Can you?

Whether you consider your motorcycle as a beast or your babe, it is necessary to keep a check on its health.

And it is as vital to keep your motorcycle maintained as it is for your own body.

Just by following some steps, you can prolong the life of your motorcycle and make some more memories with it.

Here, let us tell you the top 7 amazing motorcycle maintenance tips that can help you keep your motorcycle in perfectly smooth condition for a very long time.

Here is a super motorcycle maintenance checklist

Motorcycle maintenance can be a headache sometimes, especially if you are a beginner. But you can follow these tips even if you are a beginner and make the task a lot easier.

1. Keep your owner’s manual handy

If you have this habit of forgetting the whereabouts of your things, it’s a big NO! NO! in this case.

The Owner’s manual contains important information about your motorcycle. The recommended levels of brake fluids, period of changing engine oil or air filters, engine servicing, etc are all given in this manual.

So, will it be wrong to call it a holy book for bikers in case of motorcycle maintenance? Tell your views in the comments below.
Keep it handy guys!

2. Body cleaning

motorcycle cleaning

Who would like a dusty motorcycle? Not a rider at least!
The upcoming vital tip for motorcycle maintenance is to keep it clean.

Clean your bike regularly with a microfiber cloth to avoid any scratches. You surely would never want your motorbike to get any scratches.

It is a high recommendation to avoid parking your bike under direct sunlight. Park it in the shade to keep it shiny for long.

You can also use the motorcycle shine polish or spray to make your motorcycle look new and keep its shine every time.

3. Engine health

The engine is the heart of your motorcycle. Just like the human heart, your motorbike’s heart also needs to be in a healthy condition for its smooth functioning.

If the engine’s the heart, would it be wrong to say engine oil is the blood of your motorcycle? Check for any possible oil leakages in the engine.

Replace the engine oil as and when mentioned in your owner’s manual. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of your motorcycle and avoids wearing off of your engine.

If the engine oil is dirty, replace it as soon as possible. Dirty engine oil can decrease the mileage of your motorcycle and also cause damage to the engine.

Below is the list of some more things you can check to keep the engine of your motorcycle in healthy condition –

  • Check the carburetor at regular intervals to avoid choking.
  • Make sure that the valve is in good condition.
  • The spark plug should be properly functional.

4. Maintenance of tires

motorcycle tire maintenance

All the weight of the motorcycle and the rider rests upon the two tires. So it is of utmost importance to maintain the proper tire pressure.

Make sure that the air pressures in your tires don’t exceed the recommended levels.

You can check the recommended level either in the manual or on the swingarm of your motorbike. Never over-inflate your motorcycle tires.

Keep check of any cracks or cuts. They can cause your tire to blow out.

In case the tires have worn out, it is better to replace them. If you have decided to replace the tires, definitely get the new set. Never replace the single tire. Both tires undergo the same amount of wear and tear.

5. Motorcycle chain maintenance

motorcycle chain maintenance

Check the chain of your motorcycle every single time. The chain should not be loosened or over-tightened.

A loose chain can cause vibrations resulting in chain damages and a tight chain can cause chain wear and loss of lubricant.

Slack has to be maintained at 4% of the chain span. Slack of 1.2 to 1.6 inches is recommended for street bikes and in the case of dirt bikes, 1.4 to 2.0 inches is preferable.

Keep the chain clean. It is never a good idea to clean it with water. The chain should be lubricated at regular periods.

Always use paraffin to lube the chain. Apply it just after a ride when the bike is still warm. It helps in the easy absorption of the lubricant. You can also keep it overnight for better absorption. Wipe off the excess oil using a clean paper towel.

6. Check battery and brakes

The battery has to be properly plugged in and the connections are proper. Loose internal connections can prove fatal for your motorcycle and cause undue damage.

Check for any corrosion or fluid leakages. It’s better to get the battery replaced if it is corroded.

Keep the battery fully charged in case you haven’t used the bike for long period. A fully charged battery can also extend the life of the battery of your motorbike.

motorcycle brake

Brakes have to be in proper condition. Brakes can be adjusted as per the biker’s requirements and riding style. But it’s equally important to take care that they aren’t too loose or too tight.

Brake fluid has to be in proper quantity. If the brake fluid is low, it can cause vibrations when you apply brakes. It can also cause the brake pads to wear out faster.

The thickness of brake pads has to be observed. If they have worn out, better get them replaced.

If brakes make a screeching sound on application, it is highly recommended to replace the brake pads.

7. Maintenance of air filters

Cleaning air filters is a vital step in motorcycle maintenance.

The air filter protects the engine from dust and dirt. So you need to keep the air filter clean.

To clean the filter, all you need is warm water and some soap. Soak the filter in warm soap water for 3 to 5 minutes. And voila! It will remove the dust and oil that may have accumulated over the filters.

We highly recommend you change the air filters after regular intervals.

You can check your holy book, the owner’s manual, to see how often you should change the air filters. But if you live in a dusty area, you may need to replace them more often.

These were some beginners’ friendly yet essential tips that you can use on your own for motorcycle maintenance.

Other than these, there are some steps that you can follow daily to have a hassle-free riding experience each time you hit the road.

Some regular amazing motorcycle maintenance tips you can follow:

  • Check the tires are not worn out and the tires are not deflated.
  • Check if all the lights are working appropriately: the headlights in both high and low beams; the taillights; the indicators- all should be in proper working condition.
  • Check the fuel tank before you set yourself on a ride.
  • The clutch adjustment should be proper.
  • Make sure the side stand is in good condition. In case it has worn out, replace it.

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You can follow these super tips and keep your motorcycle new and smooth for really long. Whenever you find difficulty executing anything by yourself, always ask for help.

Keep your motorcycle serviced properly, follow these amazing motorcycle maintenance tips and enjoy the ride every time you set your hands on your beauty.

Be careful on the roads. Wear proper riding gear and follow traffic rules. Be safe yourself and also keep your bike safe.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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