10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet (2022)

bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet (2022)


Although it is one of the safety measures to have your head protected during rides, sometimes it can be boring wearing helmets for long periods. Bluetooth motorcycle helmet came to eliminate such kind of boredom.

These types of helmets will enable you to communicate with other riders, make and receive calls, and have access to GPS navigation which makes the adventure more fun and secure.

It is very difficult to know the kinds of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to settle on since some are not conversant with the type of features to consider.

10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

To help you pick on the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets from a wide variety we have compiled a catalog of the best 10 Bluetooth helmets.

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






1Storm HB89 Bluetooth Helmet


ILM Modular Bluetooth Helmet


HJC i90 Bluetooth Helmet

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1. ILM Modular Bluetooth Helmet

This ILM Helmet has all of the features you’d expect from a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, like DOT certification, a lightweight but sturdy ABS thermoplastic polymer structure, and a detachable and washable microfiber liner.

It also has something unique: modularity.

This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is designed to be used as a full-face helmet, but the entire front of the mask can lift to allow for some fresh air while you’re not riding, making it easy to remove.

The front of the helmet can also be removed fully, transforming it into a 3/4 version. It also includes adjustable air vents, noise dampening, and can work at distances of up to 1,000 feet.



  • Provides decent visibility since the face shield is clear and is designed to block moisture.

  • Meets the department of transport standards since they are tested regularly.

  • Good front flow ventilation to provide maximum venting and ensure the rider's comfort is maintained.

  • Contains removable and washable padding, which makes cleaning it more convenient.

  • Gets dirty very quickly

  • Rigid padding that might not be suitable for some riders.

  • Little noisy, especially when riding at high speed.

2. TORC T15 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T15 Helmet’s race-inspired design, rear spoiler for wind protection, and proprietary ventilation system all work together to keep this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet from vibrating at any speed.

Aside from its stability, you enjoy that it has a built-in tinted visor to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun or the bright white snow, regardless of the season.

This DOT-approved helmet features Blinc technology, which allows riders to communicate with one another over Bluetooth. It can cover a range of up to 1,300 feet.

The headset also includes a built-in noise suppression microphone for clear, crisp communication, as well as a dual stereo speaker for listening to music.

Its lithium-ion battery provides 24 hours of conversation time and more than 600 hours of standby time on a single charge.

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also supports smartphone and GPS pairing with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, as well as answering and rejecting calls at the push of a button.



  • Has a tinted visor that protects the rider's eyes from direct sun glare.

  • Has an excellent air ventilation system.

  • Has a powerful battery that last long thus extending the talk time.

  • Has a rear spoiler that acts as a windbreaker to keep the helmet stable.

  • Produces some whistling sounds when riding at high speed.

  • Poor Customer Service.

3. FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn gives it all, including a helmet mic, a receiver, and a built-in Bluetooth intercom, which has been able to provide a comprehensive solution to all motorcycle riders.

This type of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has it all, whether it’s an ABS lightweight shell with excellent breathability or deodorant soft cushioning.

It has a modular construction that allows the helmet to be removed with one hand. This push-button technology is a boon to everyone who has ever struggled to change a closed face helmet to an open face helmet.

It supports Bluetooth 3.0 technology. If you are within a range of 1600 feet or more, you can communicate with other riders comfortably.

What makes this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet even more impressive is that, while most other products can only connect with one phone, this one can connect with two.

Built-in ear speakers and a noise-canceling microphone are included with this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.



  • Light in weight with perfect ventilation.

  • Has a unique Bluetooth.

  • Comes in amazing styles.

  • Has a poor audio system.

4. ILM Fullface Bluetooth Helmet

ILM Fullface Bluetooth Helmet is made up of ABS shell which is a high-quality material making it more durable.

This type of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes with a led light fitted at the rear side which makes the riders more visible even in the darkness.

They are made for comfort since they have interchangeable ear and top liners which you can adjust to fit your comfortability.

They have the best ventilation system since one can close or open the vents which also are used for noise reduction purposes.

When you close the vents there will be minimal noise but when they are open this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will be very noisy.

This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet allows two or more riders to communicate over a distance of up to 1000 feet.

Also, it can easily last up to 8 hours of continuous speaking time or 110 hours on standby once charged.



  • It is light in weight.

  • Touch Control Bluetooth.

  • It is well streamlined which helps in noise reduction.

  • Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • It meets and exceeds the department of transport safety measures

  • The face shield does not flip completely

  • Slightly tight.

5. HJC i90 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

As a new addition to the iconic range of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, HJC’s i90 brings a touring rider’s dream to life.

The low-profile, compact shell was designed with the image of flowing wind and open roads in mind, making it a lightweight companion for any journey you are on.

All of your favorite features are packaged in one sleek, elegant design, with an improved view, rapid-fire shield, and supercool interior.

With the inbuilt dropdown sun shield controlled by a smooth, wire lever on the bottom of the shell, you can always keep your concentration on the adventure ahead.

The size of these Bluetooth motorcycle helmets ranges from XS to 3XL.



  • Very comfortable helmet.

  • It has a great speaker such that even at high speed you can listen to music.

  • No noise interference during calls.

  • It is slightly small.

  • The chick pads are large thus creating unnecessary pressure.

6. GDM Venom Bluetooth Helmet

This type of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is made of Poly-Alloy Shell with Interchangeable Shields making them of high quality and durable such that when dropped down they can withstand the pressure.

Also, its removable, washable liner and cheek pads make it easy to clean. While riding on the road, street, or highway, it maximizes safety and comfort.

It supports a lot of functions such as hands-free calling, answering, and rejecting incoming phone calls, listening to music, and GPS navigation.

Also, these Bluetooth motorcycle helmets allow riders to conduct calls using built-in stereo speakers and a wind-resistant noise-canceling microphone ensures communication is efficient.

With a fully charged battery, the GDM Venom Bluetooth helmet provides 12 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby when not in use.

It’s weatherproof and has Premium HiFi stereo speakers for superb sound quality, and also it is compatible with other devices.



  • Has good speakers that produce nice music even at high speed.

  • It is nice and comfortable.

  • It is sleek and beautiful.

  • It has short wires from Bluetooth to the speaker.

  • It is delicate.

7. TORC T28B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

For years, TORC has been at the forefront of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet design and manufacturing.

As industry veterans, their design and engineering have grown with the times, always keeping up with the latest trends and providing customers with exactly what they desire.

Furthermore, TORC T28B helmets are inexpensive without sacrificing any of the vital features of a good Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Not only will the helmet keep you safe while riding, but the new Bluetooth feature will keep you occupied as well.

It’s also comfortable because it is not as restricting as a traditional full-faced helmet and won’t make you feel claustrophobic.



  • It has an anti-scratch and anti-fog shield.

  • The outer shell is made of polymer alloy that is resistant to collision.

  • It is built with a modular design that allows you to perform all the functions without taking them off.

  • It is light in weight.

  • The inner side has minimal padding.

  • Poor Customer Service.

8. 1Storm HB89 Bluetooth Helmet

1Storm HB89 Bluetooth Helmet is a modular flip-up Helmet and is composed of dual sport and visor designs which are made up of ABS plastic material.

It is slightly light thus convenient for long rides which makes it a great choice.

These Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are made with a heavy cushion in the interior making them more comfortable.

They come in different colors with a beautiful glossy finish and their visor protects you against UV radiation.

They have a good ventilation system with two vents at the back to release trapped hot air, therefore makes your head cool during long rides.

Although there are some stiffness concerns with the inside liner, this is a fairly normal problem with some of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet models and shouldn’t be a problem.



  • It is affordable modular bluetooth helmet.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes.

  • It has a dual-visor architecture.

  • It is versatile.

  • It gives 100% UV radiation protection.

  • It has a very stiff inner liner.

  • Sizes are comparatively small.

9. FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmet is made up of an ABS shell which is very strong thus making it resistant to impacts.

These type of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets is DOT-certified and thus they guarantee maximum protection in case of accidents.

The important feature that makes it outstanding from the other Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is its one button that controls all the functions of receiving and making calls.

It has a powerful battery such that on a single charge, it can last up to 300 hours in standby mode and up to 8 hours in intercom mode.

It offers a high intercom range of up to 1,600 feet apart.

Based on the outstanding features that the FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmet comes with, it makes every rider’s dream come true.



  • It is comfortable and of high quality.

  • It has an inner tinted visor which protects eyes from direct sunlight.

  • It has an excellent air circulation.

  • It has impressive sound quality.

  • The charging port is very delicate and needs you to handle it with care.

  • Doesn't comes with an Anti-fog visor.

10. SENA Outrush Bluetooth Helmet

It’s true that if you plan to do a lot of talking on the road, a sound-dampening Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is ideal, but that is not the reason why everyone opts in for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

The SENA Outrush Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is for you if you want to keep your head protected, have a reasonable bit of airflow, and still stream your favorite tunes directly into your ears.

This product is outstanding in terms of how adaptable they are as well as how technologically advanced each one is. The Outrush, on the other hand, produces the best performance overall.

This communication-ready brain bucket is made of fiberglass composite and has a 20-hour talk time, a 2.5-hour charge time, a removable and washable liner, supporting up to eight riders at a distance of up to one mile, and is DOT approved.



  • It is resistant to UV radiations and scratches.

  • Has a long-life battery.

  • It is well ventilated to allow free circulation of air.

  • It is expensive.

In case you already have a motorcycle helmet, then you can click here to choose the best bluetooth headset for your helmet.


Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are vital equipment that every rider should consider having.

They offer safety in case of accidents your head is protected. Sometimes you can incur incoming calls and receiving them while at high speed might not be appropriate.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have simplified this because with the press of a single button communication can take place.

Also, the boredom of riding for long distances in a quiet place is eliminated since you can pair it with your mobile phone and entertain yourself with your best music.

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmets mentioned above will help riders settle on the best based on their specifications.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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