9 Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmet to buy in 2022

Women Motorcycle Helmet

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Motorcycle riding is one of the best exciting experiences that the majority of people want to explore.

When one starts to think about the adrenaline, the sheer feeling of the air rushing against their skin and the speeding makes them more curious to be constantly on the road.

The majority of them tend to forget that their safety comes first, and it is worth it to invest in good-quality helmets.

Women’s motorcycle helmets are essential because they serve a lot of purposes. They protect the rider’s head during accidents and provide an insulating cover that reduces the amount of dust and wind that the rider encounters while on the road.

There are numerous brands of women’s motorcycle helmets in the market. Some are expensive because of their high quality, while others are affordable because they incorporate features riders require for their safety.

A list of best women’s motorcycle helmet is given below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






TRIPERSON Unisex Helmet


LS2 Assault Helmet


TORC T14B Unisex Helmet

Below is a compiled list of nine best women’s motorcycle helmets from different brands to help riders settle on their best based on their demands and specifications.

1. BELL Qualifier Unisex Street Helmet

bell women's motorcycle helmet

The BELL Qualifier Unisex Street women motorcycle helmet is a full-face helmet that covers the entire face and head of the rider.

However, it has a unique design that makes the rider’s chin remain espoused. It is among the long-lasting women’s motorcycle helmets available in the market since it is durable and reliable because it does not wear off quickly.

Although many people have many preferences for women’s motorcycle helmets, in terms of rating and safety, nothing can beat these types of helmets. The department of transport has approved these women’s motorcycle helmets after meeting their FMVSS 2018 qualifications.

Also, it comes in six different sizes, and they provide a mechanism that helps their customers to identify their sizes. According to customer reviews, they are rated the best in design, construction material, safety, and pricing.



  • It is durable and reliable.

  • Padded with removal material and that makes cleaning more efficient.

  • The paddings used to make it are compatible with a lot of speakers and earphones.

  • It is well ventilated to prevent fogging and fatigue which caters to the health factors of the rider.

  • Wind collar helps in noise reduction during riding at higher speeds.

  • Even though it comes in different sizes, people with small heads are disadvantaged since this women's motorcycle helmet appears big.

  • It only comes with a clear visor, while other brands have both clear and tinted face shields.

  • Pretty heavy compared to other women's motorcycle helmets.

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2. HJC i70 Helmet

hjc women's motorcycle helmet

HJC i70 Helmets are the most superior and formidable women motorcycle helmets for riders in the world.

They are stylish, built with quality materials making them more comfortable and thus giving them the best safeguarding features.

HJC i70 Helmet is slightly lighter, making them outstanding in the market as it is what every rider needs.

During riding, dirt and debris usually find their way into the helmet, thus making it uncomfortable to use in your next rides.

This women’s motorcycle helmet is easy to clean and wash, making the rider enjoy a clean and fresh environment during their rides.

Although they are long-lasting and durable in the cases of worn out, they are easy to replace.



  • It is durable and reliable.

  • Build with active earplugs that help eliminate the unnecessary noise while riding at high speed.

  • Comfortable for all the type of head shapes and sizes.

  • Relatively quieter compared to other women motorcycle helmets brands.

  • Rear exhaust vent that is disturbing to the riders, especially when at high speed.

  • Consume a lot of time when wearing it since it comes with a separate ear cover, and if the rider wants to get rid of it, they will have to remove the entire lining.

3. Scorpion EXO-T510 Fury Unisex Helmet

scorpionexo women's motorcycle helmet

Scorpion EXO-T510 is the type of women’s motorcycle helmet that features KwikWick II fabric linear which is used to absorb the moisture that tends to accumulate in the helmet’s interior.

It is built with a lot of features that are worth the taste of every rider. The air fitting check pads, speed-view sun visor, and aero-tuned ventilation give the riders superior breathability and comfort in every move they make.

It is slightly lighter and equipped with an optically clear shield that minimizes fog during rides in cold places—built with solid material for durability purposes since it is composed of the anti-scratch hardened coating.

They guarantee 100% protection from UV radiation.



  • Padding is easy to remove and clean.

  • Well-ventilated since it has three intake ports across the front part to allow cool air in while four vents on the rare side remove hot air.

  • Securely lock shields, and therefore it ensures it remains intact on one's head.

  • It comes in different sizes and thus can accommodate any person.

  • Can be used as a sport-touring helmet.

  • Comes in three colors, which limits one from exploring other colors.

  • Sun Visor Mechanism is not upto the mark.

  • Loud at high speed.

4. Vega X390 Retro Helmet

vega women's motorcycle helmet

When talking about classy women’s motorcycle helmets, Vega X390 Retro Helmet is the best choice.

Vega X390 Retro Helmet is made up of a variety of features that go in hand with modern society’s demands.

Most of its appealing features are that they are built with classic lightweight poly-carbonate material, thus making it a strong shell.

Also, it contains a soft and comfortable material liner that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

It is incorporated with a three-snap visor that ensures riders are satisfied with their vision while on the road.

Clear and amber drop-down shields make it the most outstanding women’s motorcycle helmet, giving each rider the urge to purchase it.



  • Comfortable and Affordable.

  • Contain hard shell that guarantees maximum protection to the rider's head.

  • Has better padding making the rider to enjoy the full comfort.

  • Slightly light since it is approximated to be weighing 900 grams.

  • It is not fog proof.

  • Comes with a shorter belt lock that is not enough for some riders.

5. TORC T14B Unisex Helmet

torc women's motorcycle helmet

TORC T14B Unisex Helmet is a full-face women’s motorcycle helmet that has been modernized, giving it an appealing look worth every rider.

It has incredible components that make it outstanding when choosing women’s motorcycle helmets.

TORC T14B is built with quick-change optically scratch resistance and a fog-free outer shield that makes it more durable and does not break when accidentally dropped down.

Also, the adjustable air intakes and vents create a conducive environment for the rides since there is free air circulation.

It is easy to clean since it has removable and washable antimicrobial pads and liner. And they are available in different sizes that suit every rider, thus making them appropriate to settle on.



  • Easy to replace and maintain.

  • Covers the whole head and face, and therefore maximum protection is guaranteed.

  • Covers the whole head and face, and therefore maximum protection is guaranteed.

  • Made of high quality optically scratch resistance and thus it is durable.

  • Best ventilation system.

  • Nicely designed with attractive looks.

  • Size is somehow small and therefore not suitable for people with big heads.

  • Inner padding material is relatively low quality.

6. LS2 Assault Helmet

ls2 women's motorcycle helmet

LS2 Assault helmet is among the type of women motorcycle helmets built from nanotechnology combined with microscopic aramid fiber particles, thus making them durable and of high quality.

It is made with some fantastic features that are rated among the best types of women motorist helmets.

Its eye-port is large, thus allowing riders to have an excellent peripheral vision while riding. The face shield is made of optically correct Class A poly-carbonate to enhance the ultimate fog resistance.

Also, it has large, adjustable ports on the chin bar and at the top of the helmet, which provides dynamic airflow through the adjustable ventilation. These vents are piped via the EPS to ensure the rider is comfortable all the time.



  • Consists of technical fabric wicks that absorb moisture faster, ensuring that it dries more quickly.

  • High quality padding and also its easy to wash.

  • Offer protection to the riders against UV radiation.

  • Fully adjustable with multiple ports and therefore ensures the comfort of the rider is maintained.

  • It is very light, making the adventures of every rider memorable.

  • Cheek pads make it tighter on the inside.

  • Bit Loud Helmet.

  • Breath Deflector is quite large that hits the nose of some riders.

7. TRIPERSON Unisex Helmet

triperson women's motorcycle helmet

The TRIPERSON Unisex Helmet is also one of the ideal choices among women’s motorcycle helmets since it comprises a full-face flip-up modular of high quality.

It is pocket-friendly since it is affordable.

It contains a padded interior that makes it more comfortable to wear and a convenient flip-up visor that provides a clear vision of the riders while on the road.

Also, it comes in a variety of colors, and that the strap can be adjusted for a secure fit and therefore gives the riders a more comprehensive array of choices to settle on.

It is a long-lasting helmet since it is made up of durable materials.



  • Intakes and Exhaust ports maintain an optimum air condition inside the helmet.

  • Easy to clean and maintain because of its fine inner lining and cheek pads.

  • Can be used for both off-road and sports riding.

  • Well streamlined and thus reduces the amount of air resistance during riding

  • Daily use is not convenient for the rider because it is slightly heavy.

  • Comes with shorter belts which might not be sufficient for some riders

8. LS2 Stream Helmet

women's motorcycle helmet

LS2 Stream Helmet is the type of women motorist helmet that comes in numerous designs.

It is made up of poly-carbonate modular material, which is strong thus ensures durability.

LS2 Stream Helmet is well ventilated to provide optimum air circulation even when riding at high speed.

It comes in various sizes, accommodating all the sizes of heads, and is slightly light, therefore ideal for long-wearing.



  • Affordable since one gets a full-featured of these type of women motorist helmets for a reasonable price.

  • Broader visor view with a pin lock that provides a clear view while on the road.

  • Well streamlined and thus reduces the amount of air resistance during riding

  • Ventilation at the top is somehow limited, not allowing the full air ventilation.

  • Comes with shallow speaker pockets.

  • Little noisy, especially when riding at high speed.

9. Typhoon TH158 Women’s Helmet

typhoon women's motorcycle helmet

Typhoon TH158 Women’s Helmet is reasonably priced, making them suitable for any budget. Even though they are less expensive than high-end options, they offer high-quality performance and excellent safety and impact protection.

This women motorist helmet is ideal for speed riders who desire an open face style with a secure and comfortable fit.

Typhoon TH158 is made up of durable materials that can endure severe hits and keep one’s head safe when riding.

It’s a full-face modular helmet with a chin bar that one can lift because of its lightweight.



  • Provides decent visibility since the face shield is clear and is designed to block moisture.

  • Meets the department of transport standards since they are tested regularly.

  • Good front flow ventilation to provide maximum venting and ensure the rider's comfort is maintained.

  • Contains removable and washable padding, which makes cleaning it more convenient.

  • Gets dirty very quickly

  • Rigid padding that might not be suitable for some riders.

  • Little noisy, especially when riding at high speed.

Despite these motorcycle helmets, you can also pick Carbon Fiber Helmets as they are lightweight and gives more protection.

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Women motorcycle helmets are essential when it comes to protecting yourself while on the road.

Some of these helmets have plenty of features, while some offer the vital element that guarantees rider safety while on the road.

The women’s motorcycle helmets mentioned above will help motorists distinguish the helmets that will suit their capabilities and functionality.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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