10 Best Motorcycle Helmet under $100 (Full Face)

best motorcycle helmet under $100

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Riding a motorcycle is among the best outdoor activities that give the majority of the riders the adrenaline of riding at higher speeds.

It is one of the beautiful adventures that most people want to explore.

When people think about the cold breeze of air threshing against their skins and riding at higher speeds, competing among each other raises their ad to reline to be consistently on the road.

However, you cannot explore all the fun without considering having the proper protective gear.

Motorcycle helmets are the best essential protective equipment that motorcycle riders should never miss while on the road. But it is tough to select the best motorcycle helmet that is pocket-friendly.

We have compiled a list of the best motorcycle helmet with a budget of under $100 outlining their strengths and weaknesses.

It should give riders a good direction in making their selections that will meet and satisfy their requirements.

A list of the 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets under $100 is listed below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






MMG Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


YEMA YM-831 Full Face Helmet


TORC Full Face Helmet

1. TORC Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

torc full face motorcycle helmet

TORC full-face helmet is a heavy and solid motorcycle helmet that guarantees maximum protection because they are made of a multi-density EPS safety cushion; thus, it absorbs a lot of impact in case of a crash.

These helmets come with optically correct face shields, integrated drop-down sun visors, air vents for maximum ventilation inside the helmet.

Aside from its stability, one enjoys the integrated sun visor and the tinted face shield that protects their eyes from the glare of the sun or the bright white snow in all the seasons.

Also, it is easy to clean since they have a removable and washable inner lining.

Furthermore, they are DOT-approved.

Although most people have different preferences when choosing helmets, in terms of safety and ratings, this motorcycle helmet is the best.



  • It has tinted visors that protect the rider's eye from direct sunlight.

  • It has an excellent air ventilation system.

  • It has a rear spoiler that acts as a windbreaker to keep the helmet stable.

  • Produces some whistling sounds when riding at high speed.

2. GLX GX11 Full Face Helmet

motorcycle helmet

GLX GX11 full-face helmets are made up of polyester fabric materials which are good absorbers of shocks in case of an impact.

The polyester material is ultralight in weight thus making it suitable for both long and short-distance rides.

GLX GX11 has met all the safety requirements of the road and is DOT-approved.

What distinguishes it from other motorcycle helmets is its aerodynamic shell designs which give riders a variety of choices to settle on.

They have well-designed ventilation panels with a large lower vent shutter that work effectively to ensure there is a sufficient flow of fresh air inside the helmet.

Also, they are built with trendsetting springs incorporated with a sealant layer that absorbs the excess moisture that has accumulated inside the helmet.

It provides riders with a perfect view of the road.

Also, their inner microfiber material which is removable and washable is well padded to help in the absorption of the accumulated sweats.



  • It comes with both clear and tinted visor.

  • It has a removable and washable microfiber material.

  • It is made up of a good ventilation system for optimal air intake.

  • It is slightly small.

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3. VCAN VX Motorcycle Helmet

vcan motorcycle helmet

VCAN VX motorcycle helmet is built with intelligent density layering material that can absorb the impact forces in case of a crash instead of transferring them to the rider’s head.

It is made up of a lightweight thermoplastic material that dissipates heat even in hot seasons.

VCAN VX Helmet has a unique streamlined design that flows from the front vents to the rear spoiler helps in reducing the wind drag, especially when riding at higher speeds.

The inserted chin curtain is designed to minimize the wind turbulences and reduce road noises.

It is built with comfortable inner padding that is removable and washable, thus ensuring fresh air circulation all the time.

VCAN VX Motorcycle Helmet has a scratch-resistant shield that protects the rider’s eye from direct sunlight and all forms of dangers that might affect the rider’s eye while on the road.



  • It is DOT approved.

  • It is comfortable and affordable.

  • It contains a hard shell that guarantees maximum protection on the rider’s head.

  • It lacks a transparent face shield.

4. 1STORM Booster Skull Motorcycle Helmet

1storm motorcycle helmet

These motorcycle helmets are made of ultra-lightweight, durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shells, making them hard and resistant to impacts in times of collision.

They have a 3-level top ventilation system and 5-position ventilation channels that ensure maximum air circulation inside the helmet.

It is common for dirt and debris to accumulate inside the helmet during ridings, which makes the riders uncomfortable on their next adventures.

These motorcycle helmets are heavily cushioned in the interior with removable and washable inner linen making it easy for the rider to clean.

They come with a beautiful and stylish glossy face shield that protects the rider against UV radiation.

It is DOT approved, and its rear venture exhaust spoilers help remove the excess moisture inside the helmet.

Its ultralight weight makes them suitable for both long and short-distance rides.



  • They come in a variety of sizes.

  • They are built with 100% UV radiation protection.

  • They are versatile.

  • They are made with a very stiff inner liner.

5. Speed and Strength SS5100 Helmet

full face motorcycle helmet

The Speed and Strength SS5100 motorcycle helmets are made up of protective EPS system, advanced tri-composite hard shell but very light in weight.

They are DOT and ECE 22.05 certified, thus guaranteeing maximum protection even when riding at a higher speed.

Its razor-looking shape makes them more streamlined, thus reduces air resistance and road noises.

They have an optically anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield with an intuitive lock and unlock design that lets the rider lock down tightly when riding at higher speeds and flip up when they need to breathe some fresh air and feel the cold breeze of air as it thrust against their face.

They are incorporated with an ultra-suede liner rubber deflector that ensures nothing is compromising the rider’s visibility. These rubber deflectors are washable and replaceable.



  • They are very comfortable and of high quality.

  • They have an inner tinted visor which protects eyes from direct sunlight.

  • They are slightly expensive.

6. YEMA YM-831 Full Face Helmet

yema motorcycle helmet

YEMA YM-831 Full Face Helmet comes up with a dual visor, thus allowing the rider to choose the optimum one for their rides. 

It is built of an advanced ABS hard shell and a high-quality material that ensures that these motorcycle helmets are long-lasting.

They come in different sizes, and thus rides have a variety of options to pick from. One can measure the size of their head and choose the one that suits their heads comfortably.

Its inner liner is made up of heavy cushions that absorb excessive moisture. It is comfy, removable, and washable, thus easy to clean.

It is DOT and ECE 22.05 certified, guaranteeing maximum protection even when riding at a higher speed.

They are well streamlined, thus reduce air resistance and noise when flying.

They have a well-built ventilation system that ensures optimum air circulation giving riders a fresh breath all the time.



  • It is made of ABS materials that are anti-scratch resistance.

  • It has well ventilation system that provides optimum circulation of air.

  • It comes with a dual visor that offers maximum protection against UV radiation.

  • It has minimal padding on the interior side.

7. ILM Full Face Helmet with Removable Neck Scarf

ilm motorcycle helmet

ILM Full Face helmets with removable neck scarf come with two visors. One of the visors is clear, and the other is smoked; thus, the riders can choose the optimum one for their ride.

It is well streamlined, which helps in reducing wind noises, especially when riding at a higher speed.

ILM Helmets are built with an advanced lightweight ABS shell that is durable and anti-scratch but with a clear shield that minimizes fog during rides in cold places.

They exceed the FMVSS-218 safety standards. Also, they are DOT approved hence guaranteeing the maximum rider protection even during impacts in case of collision.

This ILM Motorcycle Helmet comes with a neck scarf that is optimum for use during winter, thus helping the rider minimize the heavy cold, making their rides more adventurous.

The visor and face shields are replaceable, thus making its maintenance cost affordable.

They have a well-designed architecture that ensures enough comfort, shock absorption, and airflow inside the motorcycle helmet.



  • It is built in numerous sizes.

  • It is made up of high-quality materials.

  • It comes with a neck scarf that is suitable during winter.

  • Its visors provide a vast and tall field of view.

  • It has a spacious chin bar.

  • The chin vent can be easily manipulated.

8. TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmet

motorcycle helmet

TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmet is built with an advanced ABS shell with high-pressure thermoplastic technology, which is a hard material that ensures maximum protection on the rider’s head in case of a collision impact.

The multi-density EPS liner designed with sufficient cushion material provides enough comfort and absorbs shocks, thus guaranteeing the rider with enough stability.

TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmet has a well-built ventilation system with top and rear extractor vents that ensure a sufficient inward and outward flow of air and moisture.

It comes with a double PC visor, and its inner liner is removable and can be washed and treated with DVS, which ensures that it dries faster.

TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmet has met the DOT, FMVSS-218 safety standards, and also it has been tested and approved by the act labs.

The chin strap is padded with a micrometric closure that maintains optimum hygiene for the riders.



  • It is ultra-light in weight.

  • Comes with a drop-down visor which is suitable for wider views.

  • Padding is easy to remove and clean.

  • It is somehow noisy.

9. HJC CS-R3 Full Face Helmet

hjc motorcycle helmet

HJC CS-53 Full Face Helmet is constructed with a lightweight and excellent fitting polycarbonate composite shell, which is resistant against impacts in case of collision.

Its unique aerodynamic 3D shape and design ensure optimum air resistance, reduce turbulence, and have a large eye port opening for maximum view and greater visibility.

HJC CS-R3 full-face helmet incorporates an advanced ventilation system with adjustable forehead and chin vents and a chin bar end that minimizes fogging occurrences.

It comes with an anti-scratch pin lock shield and rapid-fire shield that is easy to replace, making it easy to maintain, and thus it is cost-effective.

Its interior liner is removable and washable and can be machine washed, thus making it easy to clean.

It protect rider against UV radiation since it is estimated to be blocking 95% of these harmful radiations.

HJC CS-53 Helmet meets all the road safety requirements and is DOT-approved.



  • They come with a breath guard and chin curtain.

  • They are slightly lighter in weight.

  • Slightly expensive.

10. MMG Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

mmg full face motorcycle helmet

MMG Full Face motorcycle helmet is made of carbon fiber blend with a modern aerodynamic design that is light in weight and suitable for long-distance rides.

They have a clear windshield, wider vision field that ensures an optimum view of the road.

Their ABS shell polycarbonate material is hard, which makes them anti-scratch in cases of impacts.

They have a more considerable inner padding that is removable and washable to ensure the riders experience comfort in every motion while on the road.

These motorcycle helmets are DOT approved and meet the safety requirements of the United States.

The easily detachable liner padding is removable and washable, and they are thick for maximum absorption of moisture, thus giving riders ultra-comfort during their rides.



  • Light in weight.

  • It has a wider view and a clear windshield.

  • It has limited padding on the inside.

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The above motorcycle helmets provide maximum protection to the riders while on the road and at the same time save the rider some money since they are affordable.

They are durable, and the majority of them are light in weight, thus suitable for long-distance rides.

These motorcycle helmets make riding fun and good outdoor activity.

The above-outlined motorcycle helmets will help riders settle on the best helmets that suit their requirements.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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