10 Best Motorcycle Earplugs in 2023

motorcycle earplugs

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10 Best Motorcycle Earplugs in 2023


There is no best feeling like riding in the summer, feeling the cool breeze of the wind moving against your body and the beautiful sound of the engine being produced by your motorcycle.

But there is always that annoying sound of wind which is even harmful to the rider’s health.

Even the most developed helmets sometimes allow these sounds to penetrate and that is why we suggest riders be using motorcycle earplugs.

The below outlined motorcycle earplugs are reliable, affordable, and long-lasting.

They have the best filters for noise and also they are very comfortable to have them on since they do not cause harmful side effects.

A list of the 10 Best Motorcycle Earplugs is listed below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






Brison Motorcycle Earplugs


Eargasm Motorcycle Earplugs


SP Slide Motorcycle Earplugs

1. Loop Motorcycle Earplugs

These types of motorcycle earplugs come in different ear tips giving you a variety of options to choose from.

The most preferable by many is silicone because it offers the ultimate comfort that most motorcycle riders desire. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that fits every rider’s ears.

They are the best since even when having them on you will still enjoy the roaring sound of your bike and the surrounding noises too.

Although they do not block the noises entirely, they filter them to more than 20 dB in mid and high frequencies.



  • It has a soft inner lining.

  • Effectively reduces the noise.

  • Protect ears against the noise.

  • Causes ear infections as a result of earwax buildups.

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2. Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs

Alpine MotoSafe motorcycle earplugs are the safest earplugs to wear especially for long-distance rides because they are not made of silicone and therefore it reduces the rate of sweating thus you will not experience itching problems.

When compared to other types of earplugs they are relatively cheap but very convenient, and comfortable even when wearing tight helmets.

They contain black plastic which is used when putting them on. To be sure you have put them correctly insert until you hear an air seal but before inserting you should ensure they are wet.

Also, it is easy to remove them, one needs to reverse the applicator, dig underneath this helps in breaking the seal and then pull them out.

These motorcycle earplugs reduce noise pollution at different levels at different frequencies.

When the frequencies are around 63Hz it is reduced by 6.6 dB and at around 8000Hz it is reduced by 16.12 dB which occurs when one is riding at a relatively high speed.



  • Cool design.

  • It protects one against noise.

  • Decent built quality.

  • It causes hearing loss if used for long duration.

3. Eargasm Motorcycle Earplugs

These motorcycle earplugs help you to enjoy your favorite motorcycle activities, without being worried about damaging your ears.

The best thing that distinguishes it from other earplugs is that this one comes with two shell sizes, which take care of all the sizes of ears.

Eargasm motorcycle earplugs are easy to use since it is simple to have them on and also to remove them.

They are made up of soft hypo-allergic silicone material which makes them comfy in the rider’s ears.

Also, they are inserted in a lightweight aluminum case which prevents them from getting dirt and making them convenient to carry.

Eargasm earplugs come in a variety of colors giving riders a diverse area of choice.

Their noise reduction rate is 16 dB.



  • They are reusable.

  • They are made with a shape of triple flange.

  • They are relatively expensive.

4. Vibes Motorcycle Earplugs

Vibes earplugs help the riders to filter the sounds of their engines and also the surrounding noise making riders experience comfort in every motion while on the road.

It also makes it convenient to listen to music while riding and still offering ear protection.

Vibes Motorcycle Earplugs are made of glass thus it is hard to tell if one is wearing them making them more stylish.

They come in different sizes and therefore they fit in every ear. Vibes earplugs are easy to carry since they fit in the pocket.

They are idle for areas with a high rate of noise pollution because they filter them but still allows you to hear what is happening on the road.



  • It comes with a pocket-sized carrying case.

  • It has an interchangeable ear tip for comfortability.

  • Causes itch when worn for long durations.

5. SP Slide Earplugs

SP Slide motorcycle earplugs are made of slow-recovery foam which is suitable for comfortability and protection against noise.

They have adjustable attenuation which ensures maximum comfortability to the riders.

What distinguishes it from the other type of motorcycle earplugs is its technology that offers different noise reductions ranging from 15 to 22 dB to ensure there is total noise reduction but still quality and crisp sound are maintained.

Each packet with three pairs of ear tips of different sizes thus one can use the one that best fit in their ears.



  • They have the best noise cancellation property.

  • They don’t require batteries to function.

  • They have built-in magnets to keep each earplug together.

  • They are expensive.

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6. Earpeace Motorcycle Earplugs

Earpeace motorcycle earplugs are made up of hypoallergenic silicone material which is quality material.

These motorcycle earplugs are designed to give riders long-lasting comfortability.

They are the best since they filter out unnecessary noise and enabling you to hear what you need to hear while on the road.

Earpeace earplugs come in discrete styles such that they are not visible you are the only one who knows you have them on.

They filter noise at different frequencies from medium to maximum therefore the rider can adjust it to suit their comfortability.

Their dB ranges from 17 to 26. They come in two sizes that are small and standard.

They are reusable making one have confidence while on the road and thus riding like a pro.



  • They offer maximum ear protection.

  • They produce clear sound.

  • They help in decreasing fatigue on the road.

  • Hearing loss when worn for long durations.

7. Brison Motorcycle Earplugs

Brison motorcycle earplugs are made up of non-toxic, soft medical grade silicone material which provides much comfortability to the riders and can be worn for long durations.

It offers maximum noise filtration, without distorting the quality of the sound thus one can still hear the important sounds while on the road.

Its unique design of precise triangle-flange membrane ensures that it does not cause itching and pressure pain even when worn for a long duration.

They are easy to clean since one can wash them using hot water.

Also, they are reusable making them cost-effective.



  • They are pocket friendly.

  • They are reusable.

  • They require delicate handling.

8. Mudeela Motorcycle Earplugs

Mudeela Motorcycle Earplugs are high-fidelity earplugs that protect riders against different forms of noise pollution.

They have a dB of 23 which is suitable for noise reduction even when riding at higher speeds.

Mudeela Earplugs filter out harmful noise but still maintain the quality of sound thus allowing riders to enjoy music while riding.

They are suitable for wearing for long durations.

Mudeela Earplugs come in two different sizes that are small and standard, thus allowing riders to have an option to settle on.

They come with a pocket-size case for storage hence guaranteeing the safety of your motorcycle earplugs.



  • It best filters noise.

  • They come in different designs.

  • They are flexible to wear and remove.

  • They produce loud sounds thus not suitable for long periods.

9. EAROS ONE Earplugs

These types of motorcycle earplugs when correctly inserted inside the ears they should offer a minimum of 17 dB noise protection without interfering with frequency.

EAROS ONE Motorcycle Earplugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the common one is that the outer body of the earplug holds up your ears firmly when you put them on.

This helps such that when putting helmets they don’t shift which is the normal occurrence with the other types of motorcycle earplugs. This makes them suitable for long-distance rides.

When listening to music they produce sounds with the same frequency response thus making riders have maximum comfort and entertainment.



  • It offers modern protection of ears.

  • They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Attractive design.

  • They are relatively expensive.

10. Etymotic Research ER20XS Earplugs

Etymotic research motorcycle earplugs offer a good sound quality system such that it filters all the unnecessary voices only environmental and natural sounds are the ones that can be heard clearly.

They are compatible with nearly all the forms of wearing in the head. You can wear a hat and still put it on without it protruding.

Etymotic research motorcycle earplugs are also cost-effective since the ear tips are interchangeable and replaceable.

They offer 20 dB noise protection making it suitable for all types of speed.



  • They protect against wind and fatigue noise.

  • They are replaceable.

  • Decent design.

  • They are very delicate and thus require special handling.


Earplugs are among the fundamental elements that riders should consider having.

They not only protect them against noise pollution but also offer other forms of entertainment such as listening to music which is suitable especially for long rides.

The above-mentioned motorcycle earplugs will help motorists settle on the best based on their budget and comfortability.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

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