The 10 Best Motorcycle Jacket for Men in 2022

motorcycle men riding jacket

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Long rides on your motorcycle leash out different feelings in different individuals. These are stress-buster for some, excitement-inducing activities for others, and peaceful self-exploration sessions for others.

And no person would want anything to hamper the underlying joy of these rides by any means.

Here is when your protection during the rides comes into the picture. All your protective gears are equally important.

But, in this article, we are discussing more about the motorcycle jackets that make up one of the safety components during your rides.

You have to keep a lot of things in mind while choosing a perfect motorcycle jacket. The task can be a tricky one with a lot of varieties and designs available around. Worry not! We are here to lend some help.

In this article, we are presenting you with the 10-best motorcycle jackets for men in 2022 to save you some time and perhaps some bucks too.

The motorcycle jacket, besides, providing you safety against extreme situations, adds up to your style.

Below are some key points about the things you need to have in mind while making a purchase. The first thing is to be mindful of your requirements, the type of rides you like, the weather you live in, and your style.

Abrasion resistance and protection are the most necessary aspects. Never ignore these factors.

Go for jackets that provide armors on all the places, forearms, shoulders, back, and chest. Or, at least has external pockets for some modifications.

The jacket you are choosing should be easy to carry, provide necessary ventilation, and make you visible to your co-riders during night times. There is absolutely no point if you buy a bulky jacket with no ventilation and later regret your choice.

A list of the 10 Best Motorcycle Jacket is listed below:

We are listing the best motorcycle jackets for you to help you make a better and wiser choice.

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






HWK Textile Riding Jacket


Alpinestars T-Faster Motorcycle Jacket


Alpinestars T-Missile Motorcycle Jacket

Let’s get you straight into the list:

1. WD Vegas II Riding Jacket

WD Motorcycle Jacket

WD Vegas II jackets are a perfect combination of durability, comfort, style, and breathability.

The jacket has CE level II certification. The armors on the elbows, shoulders, and back keep you safe throughout.

Additional rubber padding is given on the back for extra protection to your spine. Six-pack rubber padding enhances the overall look of the jacket.

The jacket is waterproof with its reissa membrane that keeps you dry in the rain.

Cordura fabric makes it more stretchable and durable. This piece provides perfect visibility with its silicone printed reflective logo.

The jacket is compatible with both warm and cold climatic conditions.

The zip vents at the front and back let you choose the amount of airflow for required ventilation.

TPR rubber puller attachments allow you to adjust the buckles easily. The jacket comes with stretch panels at the inside of the arms for easy movement.

The micro lining neck strap adds up to the comfort of this riding jacket.



  • Perfect for dirt bikes.

  • CE level II protection certification.

  • Six-pack rubber padding.

  • High stretchable material.

  • Adjustable air vent zippers.

  • TPR rubber puller attachments for buckle adjustment.

  • The fit is a little tight. One size up would work great.

2. Alpinestars T-Missile Motorcycle Jacket

alpinestars motorcycle jacket

Alpinestars T-Missile jacket comes in a multi-fabric outer layer design.

The mesh present on the chest, back, and sleeves increases the cooling performance of this jacket.

The low-profile collar of the jacket is constructed with 3D textured inner lining fabric for the comfort of the rider..

The T-missile jacket comes with level 2 CE-approved bio air elbow and shoulder protectors.

The jacket has stretch accordion panels on the scapulae area to aid movement and comfort on the motorcycle.



  • Multi-fabric outer layer design.

  • 3D lining on the inside of the collar.

  • Level 2 CE certified bio air armors.

  • Stretch accordion panels for easy movement.

  • No padding on chest and back areas.

  • Might be slightly uncomfortable if you have a bulky body.

3. HWK Textile Riding Jacket

hwk motorcycle jacket

HWK Textile jacket is an all-weather jacket with removable thermal liners and dual air ventilation panels on both sides to increase airflow.

The neoprene-lined and velcro adjustable collar prevents scars and rashes on the neck.

The jacket has 6-packs high-quality front and back padding with CE-approved armors on the shoulders, elbows, and back.

The multiple pockets allow excessive storage.

The arms, cuffs, and waist adjusters allow a good fit.

The waist connection zips allow pairing with riding bottoms for enhanced protection. The fasteners are of high quality for enhanced durability.



  • Dual air ventilation panels for air inflow.

  • Neoprene-lined and velcro-adjustable collar.

  • 6-packs front and back padding.

  • Arms, cuffs and waist adjusters for a good fit.

  • Easy on pocket.

  • Elbow pads might shift a bit. Make sure to adjust them properly.

  •  Reflective material is a little less.

  • The mesh is not of very high quality.

4. Xelement B4495 Motorcycle Jacket

xelement motorcycle jacket

Xelement B4495 jacket is made up of premium buffalo leather with 1.2-1.3mm thickness.

The motorcycle jacket comes in a mandarin collar design, and the front zipper closes in a snap button.

The armors are soft and removable and CE approved having passed EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 impact tests.

The ergonomic design of the armors gives a higher impact resistance along with free movement.

The inside concealed dual weapon pockets and outside dual zipper pockets provide a lot of storage space.

The polyester mesh lining attached to the jacket makes up space for ventilation.

The inside media pocket is perfect for keeping your cell phones and keys adding up to the storage capacity.



  • Made of premium buffalo thick leather.

  • Removable CE approved armors.

  • A lot of pockets add up to the storage capacity.

  • Dual conceal Ammo pockets present.

  • No reflective material.

  • Not idle for warm climatic conditions.

5. Vance Lightweight Riding Jacket

vance riding jacket

Vance Advance Textile jacket is fit for all seasons.

The mesh shell allows good airflow to keep you sweat-free during your rides.

The inner thermal liner makes it a good fit for cold weather that is removable as per your requirements.

Vance advance jackets are water-proof. The reflective piping enhances the visibility of the jacket.

The textile jacket contains one concealed carry pocket and a zippered pocket on the inside.

There are snap-button adjustments on both arms to fit it securely with the armor.

CE level 2 certified armors are provided on the elbows and shoulders with a removable back protection pad.



  • Light in weight.

  • Fit for all seasons.

  • Good visibility.

  • CE level 2 certified armors.

  • Be careful of the size. Better to order one or two sizes up.

  • The collar might be a little scratchy.

6. AirTrek Mesh Riding Jacket

airtrek mesh riding jacket

As the name suggests, the AirTrek Mesh jacket is made of Ultra-breathable Lightweight poly mesh and Cordura.

The material of this jacket is abrasion-resistant.

The jacket contains a series of linings that make it a fit for all seasons.

The first layer is the fixed mesh layer, followed by a removable quilted liner and, the next is a fixed waterproof liner.

The jacket has a double armor system with External shoulder and elbow armors and internal 5PC removable armors on elbows, shoulder, and back, making it a 9PC armor jacket overall.

The jacket has the SureFit customization fit with two external and multiple internal pockets.

The Reflective tape and piping on the jacket make it visible in poor light and 360-pant attachment zippers can be paired with riding pants for extra safety.



  • Lightweight jacket.

  • Waterproof.

  • Double armor system for double safety.

  • SureFit customisation fit.

  • 360-pant attachment zippers.

  • A lot of storage is available.

  • The zippers on the liners are a bit small and might break.

  • Be careful of the size.

7. Alpinestars T-Faster Motorcycle Jacket

alpinestars t-faster riding jacket

Alpinestars T-Faster jacket is designed to give you a sports fit with its pre-curved sleeves construction to reduce riding fatigue.

This textile jacket comes in multi-fabric shell construction. The extensive mesh panels on the chest, back, and sleeves promote internal airflow for a comfortable riding experience.

The microfibre edging and 3D textured fabric inner lining on the collar give extra comfort.

The embroidery logo details and the reflective details enhance the look of the jacket.

The overall design of the jacket enhances the comfort and freedom of movement.



  • Sports fit.

  • Pre-curved sleeves reduce riding fatigue.

  • Mesh panels on the chest, back and sleeves.

  • Embroidered logo details.

  • 3D textured fabric inner lining collar.

  • Not much airflow around the neck area.

  • There is no extra room for extra layers.

8. ILM Motorcycle Jacket

ilm motorcycle jacket

The ILM Motorcycle jacket is compatible to be worn in all seasons. The reinvented unique ventilation system is ideal for summer rides by improving the airflow.

The outer layer of the jacket is waterproof and the zippers are windproof. The removable full-sleeve inner thermal lining is ideal for winter use.

The CE-approved removable armors are provided on the elbows and spine with extra external armors for shoulders, back, chest and kidneys.

The reflective white tape increases the night visibility.

The adjustable straps at the hem and the arms let you adjust the fit accordingly.



  • Extra external armors.

  • Waterproof outer layer.

  • Windproof zippers.

  • Fit for all seasons.

  • White reflective tape enhances visibility.

  • Storage capacity is a little less.

  • The quality of the zipper is not so good.

9. Men’s Titanium Motorcycle Jacket

motorcycle jacket

This street bike jacket is made of 1.2-1-3mm genuine cowhide leather.

The titanium jacket has perforated leather on the chest and back, which makes it ideal for summer rides.

The removable thermal liner is compatible with winter rides. The pre-curved sleeves give you an excellent riding position and the stretch panels provide arms flexibility.

This jacket has 5PC removable armors on the shoulders, back, and elbows for maximum protection. The reflective piping on the chest and back is apt to make you visible in poor lights.

The jacket has two zippered waist and three inner pockets to maximize storage. The YKK zippers add to the strength of the fasteners.

The leather stretch panels on the back and dual waist adjustment belts provide flexibility and a comfortable fit.

There are 360-degrees pant attachment zippers also.



  • Made of genuine thick cowhide leather.

  • YKK strong zippers.

  • Leather stretch panels on the back for flexibility.

  • Removable thermal liner.

  • Dual waist adjustment belts.

  • Pre-curved sleeves with stretch panels.

  • Pant attachment zippers are present.

  • No zipper stops at the top.

  • Might fit snugly at first but loosens up after use.

10. Alpinestars Viper V2 Riding Jacket

alpinestars viper v2 riding jacket

Alpinestars Viper V2 jacket has a multi-fabric shell design. The mesh panels on the chest, back, and sleeves enhance the cooling performance of this jacket.

The waist adjusters let you customize your fit and the waist zippers allow attachment to the riding pants.

The pre-curved sleeves reduce the riding fatigue and the volume adjusters on the sleeves reduce material bunching.

The collar has microfibre edging and a 3D textured fabric inner lining for maximum comfort.

The reflective details enhance visibility and, Waterproof inside pockets ensure the safety of your belongings.

The jacket has CE level 1 certified bio armors on shoulders and elbows and chest and back compartments for level 2 CE certified nucleon inserts as an upgrade.



  • Multi-fabric shell design.

  • Waist adjusters for a good fit.

  • Waist zippers are available.

  • Pre-curved sleeves with volume adjusters.

  • Comfortable microfiber textured collar.

  • No mesh on the arms. Hence, no airflow and a lot of sweat.

  • The fastener might unzip at high speeds as no clasp is provided.

  • The elbow pads might misplace at times.


Motorcycle jackets have dual purposes. Besides protecting you on your rides, these add a bit more spice to your style statement.

Riding jackets are crucial investments to make. But, you have to have a good idea about the product in which you are investing.

After all, it is your safety that is at stake. Be very mindful that the purpose of your investment is protection that you can not take for granted.

But then the question is which jacket is perfect for you with so many options available around.

Here is the answer. Your riding style plays a crucial role in deciding the type of jacket you should go for besides the weather you are living/riding in.

So, in this article, we came up with a list of the 10-best motorcycle jackets for men to aid your hunt for that perfect jacket for you.

We have tried to incorporate all the best options in the list so that you can find your perfect fit and be always safe on your rides.

And, your rides are always joyous and memorable to you and never turn into nightmares only because you compromised with that extra safety.

So, refer to this list, do some research, try on a lot and a lot of jackets until you find that perfect motorcycle jacket for yourself, and always be safe on the roads.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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