The 7 Best Motorcycle Overpants for your Rides

Motorcycle Overpants

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The 7 Best Motorcycle Overpants for your Rides


When riding a motorcycle keeping your legs protected all the time should be your top priority.

One cannot achieve this by wearing denim jeans or ordinary pants since they are not eligible for optimum warmth and protection, especially when riding at a higher speed.

One needs to consider the reinforced textile, windproof, water-resistant, absorption resistance, and over-pants that can guarantee thermal insulation protection.

It is sometimes hard to sport the best motorcycle over-pants that suit their style and constructions since the people who are not conversant with it might not know what to consider while buying them.

If one is searching for the best motorcycle overpants, they show that they care for their protection.

But it is a real struggle to find the best and the right pair that suits one comfortably and guarantees maximum protection.

The following seven best motorcycle over-pants recommendations might ease the task for you.

They are the best since the methodology used in determining their quality is based on real-life experience from the people who have previously used them.

Also, the product familiarity, the quality reviews from trusted sources, and customer satisfaction and their feedback on whether the product met their satisfaction were considered when compiling the list.

Therefore, the following seven motorcycles over-pants can best suit any rider’s demand while on the road since they guarantee comfort in every motion!

A list of 7 Best Motorcycle Overpants is listed below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






HWK Motorcycle Overpants


Fly Racing Motorcycle Overpants


Alpinestars Wake Air Overpants

Let’s get you straight into the list:

1. HWK Motorcycle Overpants

HWK Motorcycle Overpants

These motorcycle overpants are made of 600D Cordura fabric, which is the best quality material.

It is composed of heavy-duty textile that guarantees optimum protection in case of an accident.

They are made up of more outstanding features, not only waterproof but also contain a detachable lining responsible for breathability purposes, keeping the rider comfortable even when riding in hot and sunny weather.

These linings are composed of micro-mesh air vents responsible for regulating airflow to the rider’s body.

It also comes with four zipped pockets, guaranteeing maximum rider protection of valuables like mobile phones even when riding at higher speeds.

They are also built with CE armored hip and knee protectors, which guarantee motorcycle riders optimum protection in case of an impact or a crash during their adventures.

They are made with improved fluorescent green panels, reflective logos, and reflective tape that helps improve the riders’ visibility even when riding at night, reducing road crashes.

These motorcycle over-pants are the most liked and best seller since they are affordable, high quality, and all-weather, thus being used in any condition.



  • High-quality materials that guarantee maximum waterproof and windproof performance.

  • Micro-mesh air vents, which guarantees the rider optimum breathability.

  • High-quality CE armored protection; thus, in case of a crash, the riders need not worry since their safety is assured.

  • Extremely high visibility features; thus, the riders are seen even when riding in the darkness.

  • Zipped pockets which increases versatility.

  • The majority of the over-pants comes in small sizes.

  • Quality control issues on some models of the over-pants.

2. WICKED Motorcycle Overpants

WICKED Motorcycle Overpants

They are made up of multi-panel, ultra-durable 900 denier polyester materials, which are the best since they have good absorption of wind and water resistance no matter the speed of the motorcycle rider.

The polyester material is also resistant to shrinking and stretching, especially during the cleaning of the motorcycle over over-pants.

Therefore, the original size of the motorcycle pant is retained after being washed, and there will be no over or under-size cases.

They have good heat retention capabilities, keeping the rider’s body warm, even when riding at a higher speed.

These over pants are built with a mesh liner which helps in keeping the rider’s legs cool even in hotter temperatures.

They come with brighter and reflective prints making the motorcycle rider visible on the road even during darkness.

They come with zipped pockets that guarantee the riders adequate storage to keep their treasures, such as mobile phones.

The fact that makes it more outstanding against other motorcycle over-pants is that it is manufactured with a full leather inner lower leg panel that assures the rider’s durability.



  • Maximum protection against water absorption.

  • Larger zipped vents, which helps in improving the breathability of the riders.

  • Designed with reflective prints, which ensure that rider is seen all the time when on the road.

  • Comes with fly closure which improves their adjustability.

  • They are high quality and affordable

  • Brand does not provide a sizing chart; thus, inconvenient for some riders.

  • Some riders have challenges while tucking them inside boots.

3. Fly Racing Motorcycle Overpants

Fly Racing Motorcycle Overpants

They are built up with multi-panel, ultra-durable 900 polyester materials, which are the best since they have good water resistance.

They are a hard material hence durable and resistant to shrinking and stretching when hand washed.

The materials used to make it are of higher quality, thus guaranteeing the rider’s heat retention, which helps keep their body warm and comfortable even when riding in cold seasons.

Also, they are incorporated with mesh liner, which helps to control the heat in warmer climates. These motorcycle over-pants are made up with fly closure for easy adjustability of the waist and during wearing them.

They have reflective prints on either side of the over-pants to ensure that the motorcycle rider is seen on the road, even at low lights.

They come with easily accessible storage pockets which motorcycle riders can use to store some of their items.

These are high quality since they are made up of full leather inner lower leg panel that improves durability and guarantees the rider maximum protection in case of a crash or road accident.

They are greater motorcycle overpants even for off-road riding because they are easily adapted to unexpected weather or severe conditions.



  • Best option for off-road adventures and racing since they are made up of high-quality polyester material.

  • Good resistance against water and abrasion.

  • The fly makes them easily adjustable at the waist, making them easy to ware.

  • They have larger zipper vents which are suitable for maintaining an optimum breathability.

  • They are designs with reflective prints to ensure riders are being seen even in cases of low light.

  • They do not have sizing charts, and therefore clients might settle on the wrong size.

  • Challenging to tuck them inside boots.

4. Alpha All Season Overpants

Alpha All Season Overpants

They are made with genuine cowhide leather, which is considered a high-value texture, absorption resistance of water and wind, and are very warm, hence keeping the rider comfortable all through.

These motorcycle over-pants are made up of multi-panel and ultra-durable 1200D materials protected with CE armor, which comes with knee and side hips protection pads, thus guaranteeing riders maximum protection in case of an accident.

They are good enough since the rider can wear other pants like jeans inside them without feeling irritated.

They are designed with hi Vis logos and piping patches built with high visibility, thus making the rider to be seen by other road users even at low lights.

They are built with high-quality zippers, with an extra outer shell material suitable to riders who mostly like off-road adventures.

The adjustable Velcro waist and ankles, CE armor, are all designed in these motorcycle over-pants to safeguard and guarantee maximum rider protection while on the road.

They contain mesh vents for optimum air control flow to regulate the temperature inside the motorcycle rider’s body, go in hand with the weather condition and make sure the rider is comfortable all the time.



  • They are warm on the inside and water-resistant.

  • They come with high-quality stitching, which improves durability.

  • They are designed with two front pockets for storage purposes.

  • They are built with high-quality leather material for optimum resistance to abrasion.

  • The bottom part of the motorcycle over-pants appear to be thin.

  • They have a fixed waterproof liner.

5. Alpinestars Wake Air Overpants

Alpinestars Wake Air Overpants

These motorcycle over-pants come equipped with a malt-fabric membrane, thus making them waterproof resistant and breathable.

They are designed with a removable thermal liner to maintain a warm environment for the rider even while riding in the winter seasons.

Although they are expensive compared to other motorcycle over-pants, they are excellent sport fit with a taste of fitting over-pants.

Their knees are reinforced with CE armor, which is height adjustable, making it easy for the motorcycle rider to move them either up or down to suit their heights.

They are designed with EVA foam pads that guarantee the riders maximum comfortability and protection in a road accident.

These overpants come with dynamic stretch panels near the back of the knees, waist, and crotch to ensure that they can be easily moved to give the rider an easy time wearing them.

They contain pre-curved leg constructions, which help reduce the rider’s fatigue and improve their performance fitness, especially if they are riding on long distances.



  • Removable liner adds extra warmth to the motorcycle riders critical when riding during winter seasons.

  • Designed with malt-fabric material which is waterproof and exceptionally breathable.

  • Designed with a pre-curved leg structure which improves the motorcycle rider fitness and comfortability.

  • They contain tear and abrasion-resistant components.

  • Designed with reflective materials to ensure the rider is seen all the time while on the road.

  • They mostly come in small sizes, making them not suitable for people with big bodies.

6. Joe Rocket Phoenix Overpants

Joe Rocket Phoenix Overpants

These motorcycle overpants are built with a heavy-duty 500 denier hitena nylon outer shell, which provides maximum protection, thus preventing fabric abrasion.

They have flexible knee armor since they are adjustable by height, or one can remove them completely, thus giving the motorcycle rider freedom to customize their over-pants.

They are designed with modern colors, making them more attractive since riders have various options to pick from rather than settling on the black and white ones.

Their legs are easily adjustable, thus providing a better fit for each rider; therefore, every rider can find their best fit and size.

The layers are made up of genuine cowhide leather, a high-density layer to ensure maximum protection to the rider.

They come with cooling-free air mesh vents that provide the rider with an optimum temperature, making their adventure more fun.

They contain the CE armor knee protectors, which are highly adjustable to suit the rider’s demands and expectations.



  • Reflective knee panels ensure riders maximum protection while on the road.

  • Built with cooling free air mesh vents to enhance breathability.

  • They contained reinforced seating and knee areas to ensure the rider was comfortable all the time.

  • Abrasion-resistant calves and thighs areas.

  • They come with limited size options; therefore, they might not fit other motorcycle riders.

7. Xelement B7470 Motorcycle Overpants

Xelement B7470 Motorcycle Overpants

These motorcycle over-pants are made from premium cowhide leather, which is the best since they are waterproof, windproof, and do not easily attract dirt.

The leather used in making these motorcycle over-pants is 1.2mm thick, ensuring the rider has a longer resistance and durability.

The most outstanding on these over-pants against others is that it comes from 30 to 50 inches; therefore, any riders within the range can use them comfortably.

They can be worn on top of other pants like jeans or even the riding pants used by most riders these days. They are designed with an adjustable fly zipper that is easy to use, extremely durable, and long-lasting.

The zipper also makes them be easily removed or worn since they are adjustable. They come with pockets that the rider can use to store items like the wallet and the keys, making them more secure.

They have an improved feature that supports belts to ensure it fits the riders well at the waist, giving them an ideal fit.

The huge leg opening is to allow the motorcycle riders to wear them even while still wearing the riding boots, thus saving the riders time.



  • They are water, dirt, and wind-resistant.

  • The material used in manufacturing is 1.2 mm thick to ensure higher abrasion resistant.

  • They come in multiple waist sizes thus can fit any rider conveniently.

  • They have zipper pockets to provide storage space for the riders when on the road.

  • They contain the waist belt loops, which ensure there is optimum fitness in the cases of having huge over-pants.

  • They lack hip pads and the knee armor.

Buying Guide for Motorcycle Overpants

These over-pants come in different types, and one key area that differentiates them is the material used in manufacturing them.

There are different materials, including polyester, nylon, and leather, that significantly influence the weight of the over-pant.

To develop a procedure that works best, one needs to balance the quality of the over-pant and the price.

The following guide will help pick on the best motorcycle overpants:

1. Main Fabric

As a determined motorcycle rider who wants to protect themselves against road dangers, the main fabric should be their topmost priority. The rider should settle for the high-quality model even though they are expensive, but they guarantee maximum protection to the rider’s lower body.

2. Flexibility

Comfortability to wear the motorcycle over-pant should not be used as a priority. But the over-pant selected should have the qualities of providing sufficient safety, well ventilated, and flexibility to use, which can protect one from rains and adverse temperature conditions.

3. Sizing Options

The size of the over-pant should be selected carefully; do not rely on the size provided on the seller’s website since it might be confusing. Conduct them directly to request the optimum size that fits you comfortably.

4. Adjustability

Consider the double or the triple-stitched seams, quality fly zippers, and adjustable closures; this will make the over-pant very convenient to use.

5. Overpants zipper integration

Zipped pockets are also a major determinant since it helps in safeguarding the rider’s wallet and keys.

6. Thermal Insulation

Regardless of the quality of the motorcycle over-pant, they must contain good thermal insulation; therefore, before selecting over-pants thermal lining should be given priority.


Despite all the precautions that motorcycle riders do take while on the road, it is so unfortunate that accidents do occur, but it is their responsibility to be prepared by safeguarding themselves properly through purchasing quality motorcycle overpants.

Therefore their choices of the over-pants they settle on should be well fitted to ensure maximum protection is attained all the time during their rides.

The motorcycle over-pants need to be adjustable and easy to wear; when one considers the above-outlined factors regarding motorcycle over-pants, they will settle on the besing on their demands and satisfactions.

They are all weathered in that they can be used in any weather condition because of their Cordura textiles, making them durable and long-lasting.

They are designed with a good ventilation system to help improve the breathability rate, thus guaranteeing the rider’s optimum comfort during their rides.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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