10 Must Have Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle Accessories

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10 Must Have Motorcycle Accessories


We all sometimes need a break from our routine work to rejuvenate ourselves. And, we all take up different activities for this purpose.

But, if you are one of those who take up quick to long rides to cut out the boredom of your routine work, then you must be very well aware of the adrenaline rush you get while hitting the roads.

Apart from the thrill, these rides help you calm your senses.

As a motorcyclist, you all might have one or another of the motorcycle accessories. But, you might be missing a few to a lot of items in your list.

Motorcycle accessories elevate your riding experience and keep you hassle-free during your rides.

As the market is flooded with many accessories, picking up the best products for yourself and your bike becomes quite a task.

In the article, we bring you the best of all the must-have accessories needed every time you set yourself on the rides.

We have tried to incorporate the best so that you can rest.

10 Must Have Motorcycle Accessories

Below is the list of 10 must-have motorcycle accessories that you should give a try. Without any more delay, let us get straight to the list:

1. Helite Airbag Vest

Helite Airbag vest is CE certified by Alienor Certification laboratory that provides optimal safety and can be worn over any motorcycle garment.

This airbag vest offers protection volume between 17L and 28L. It is designed in a unique shape to absorb maximum shocks.

It stabilizes the upper body from the head, all over the back to the tailbone.

The vest covers all the vital organs for complete protection. The SAS-TEC level 2 back protector improves energy protection by distributing impact forces over the entire airbag.

The multiple onboard sensors in the vest enable 360-degree situation analysis in real-time to cover a wide range of accidents.

Great things about the product:

  • CE certified.
  • Protection volume between 17L and 28L.
  • Unique shape.
  • Stabilizes upper body from head to tailbone.
  • Multiple sensors for real-time situation analysis.
  • SAS-TEC level 2 back protector.

2. STEEL MATE Helmet Light

STEEL MATE helmet light has a portable ABS shell design and is light in weight and ultra-bright.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

The light has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a helmet tail, electric car tail, cycling backpack, etc making it compatible with all kinds of vehicles.

The installation is super easy. Just remove the back cover, stick it to the helmet and you are good to go.

STEEL MATE light is super sticky and doesn’t get off on its own.

Great things about the product:

  • Portable ABS shell design.
  • Lightweight and ultrabright.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Easy to install and super sticky.

3. Quad Lock Phone Mount

Quad Lock Phone Mount is a handlebar mount that fits the bar sizes from 22mm to 32mm in diameter.

The dual-stage lock system minimizes the vibrations and holds your smartphone securely and tightly to your motorcycle.

It is one of the most secure phone mounts available in the market.

The multiple mounting configurations make it a versatile smartphone mount.

It is quick to attach and detach and provides easy access to our phone on your rides.

The strength of the accessory is remarkable.

It works well with all the quad cases and universal adapters.

Great things about the product:

  • It fits a wide range of handlebars.
  • Dual-stage lock system.
  • Secure and versatile.
  • Supports multiple mounting configurations.
  • Easy and quick access.

4. FOBO Bike 2

FOBO Bike 2 is a modern-day smart device that is compatible with devices with Bluetooth 5.0.

This tire pressure monitoring device gives you real-time pressure readings of your bike tire.

It detects slow and fast leaks and transmits readings directly to your smartphone or smartwatch.

You get to set the upper and lower thresholds of pressure by yourself and all the alert messages are according to these thresholds.

FOBO Share app allows you to add multiple vehicles, up to 19 motorcycles and lets you monitor the air pressure of all the bikes. This technology enables you to monitor tire pressures even when the owner is far away.

FOBO’s Group Ride Monitoring lets riders plan a group ride with a date and time.

Great things about the product:

  • Multiple device compatibility.
  • Detection of slow and fast leaks.
  • Group Ride Monitoring feature.
  • Monitor tire pressure from far away places too.
  • Monitor multiple vehicles.

5. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam

The IP66 rated M1 cam is designed to withstand and record in the harshest conditions.

Its built is durable and water-resistant.

The advanced Electronic Image Stabilization technology reduces vibrations and motion blurring.

The video recordings are smooth and steady irrespective of the terrain in which you are riding.

The device is good-to-go for recording both during the day and night times.

One can record crystal clear full HD 1080P videos from both front and rear views.

It is super easy to operate as well.

This device automatically starts recording once you switch it on and stops recording after you turn it off. It saves you the hassle of checking your camera repeatedly.

The recordings can be downloaded on smartphones using built-in wifi.

Great things about the product:

  • IP66 rated design.
  • Electronic image stabilization technology.
  • HD front and rear view recordings.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Built-in wifi lets you download recordings on your phone.

6. Venom Paddock Stand

Venom Paddock stand lifts almost all varieties of sports bikes with ease.

The front fork stand enables you to lift the front wheel safely.

It makes the repair and maintenance of the tire easy. It is durable and long-lasting due to the heavy steel material of construction.

The under fork rubber-coated adapters prevent scratches and damage to the fork.

The four wheels of the stand provide stability in all kinds of terrain.

The rear spool lift stand is engineered with a leverage ratio to make it simple to use.

The product is durable and long-lasting owing to its heavy steel construction.

Lifting the wheel is easy and the four wheels are provided for stability as well.

Great things about the product:

  • Compatible with a variety of sports bikes.
  • Easy and safe lifting.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Made of heavy steel material.
  • Wheels are provided for stability.

7. Garmin Zumo XT GPS

This product comes in a 5.5 inches ultra-bright and glove-friendly HD display with landscape mode.

The display is rain-resistant and has passed the military standard drop test for rigidity.

It is connected with a helmet or headset to get spoken turn-by-turn directions. Off-road topographic maps can be preloaded as well.

The birdseye satellite imagery can be accessed with a direct-to-device download.

The routes can be easily managed and reviewed. One can also record the tracks using a track recorder and save them for future rides.

One can also share locations with other riders, access live traffic, and get phone notifications.

Music from your smartphone can be streamed on the device, or you can play MP3 files directly from the device.

It comes with a high-capacity power bank battery and a dual USB wall and car chargers.

Great things about the product:

  • Rain-resistant and rigid display.
  • Access to spoken directions.
  • Birdseye satellite imagery access.
  • Routes can be saved for future rides.

8. Sena 10C Pro

Sena 10C Pro has an upgraded 2k motorcycle helmet camera that shoots in crisp QHD with a 3.7MP resolution.

The field of view has also increased to 135 degrees.

Smart Audio Mix feature mixes audio from the intercom and music from your phone directly into your video.

The built-in Bluetooth intercom helps you stay in touch with three other bikers up to a distance of 1.6km.

The 10C helmet camera and communication system make it easy for the rider to make and take phone calls, listen to music and GPS.

These are connected with on-bike entertainment systems and FM tuners also.

The built-in wifi allows the user to download files directly on the smartphone via the Sena camera app.

Great things about the product:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 enabled.
  • Smart Audio Mix feature.
  • Four-way intercom connectivity up to 1.6km.
  • Compatible to be operated with remote control.

9. OKG Chain Lock

The chain lock is one of the must-have accessories.

OKG chain lock is a 12mm hexagonal lock made of advanced triple heat-treated boron manganese.

The lock is difficult to break with a 16mm max-performance steel shackle with a hardened double deadbolt locking mechanism.

The cinch-loop circle link design enables the user to connect the vehicle to another vehicle or any other object such as a tree or lamppost.

The highly flexible embroidered sleeve is durable and weather-resistant.

Its hook and loop fastener allows compact coiling and extends protection to the motorcycle surface.

The lock comes with a sliding anti-dust cover to protect it from dirt and corrosion.

The item also has two brass steel user-friendly reversible keys.

Great things about the product:

  • Made of advanced manganese.
  • Double deadlock locking mechanism.
  • Cinch-loop circle design.
  • Durable and rust-proof.
  • Extremely strong.

10. Zackees LED Gloves

Zackees LED gloves help in increasing your safety during the rides. The gloves are made of premium materials.

The Lycra spandex mesh increases breathability.

The leather palm material is very tough and adds up to the durability of these gloves.

54 lumen LED’s on the gloves are very powerful and bright. The light sensors increase the brightness 4-times during the day and extend battery life 4-times during the night.

The rechargeable coin-cell battery lasts up to several weeks and is easy to replace later.

The gloves are equipped with velcro straps and shock-absorbing foam as well.

The pull tab in the gloves makes the removal of gloves very easy.

Great things about the product:

  • Lycra spandex mesh.
  • 54 lumen LED panel.
  • Shock-absorbing foam.
  • Rechargeable coin-cell battery.


Modern-day accessories make motorcycle rides much more fun and hassle-free.

There are a lot of devices and products available in the market and choosing the best ones takes up a lot of research and time.

In the above article, we picked up and listed the best of 10 must-have accessories for you to make your job easy.

These accessories save you a lot of trouble during your rides, and you can ride comfortably without much worry.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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