10 Best Motorcycle Backpack for daily computing

Motorcycle Backpack

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10 Best Motorcycle Backpack for daily computing


Riding a motorcycle is an experience unlike any other. Even though the car is more entertaining, safe, and dependable, riding this bike seems like a breath of fresh air as it glides through the streets and cities.

When carrying your stuff, though, the bike is left behind. You can, of course, use a saddlebag or a soft luggage bag.

Motorcycle backpacks, on the other hand, are unrivaled when it comes to traveling light while still having everything you need.

Whether you’re riding your motorcycle to work or across the country, you’ll need a good backpack to safely and comfortably transport all of your things.

Motorcycle backpacks are designed to keep little personal items accessible while safeguarding essential riding gear. Backpacks are worn by motorcycle riders for a variety of reasons.

Today, we’ll go through some of the greatest motorcycle backpacks available.

We’ve researched the industry to bring you our hand-picked guide to the best motorcycle backpacks for commuting, rounding together the 10 top motorcycle bags the industry has to offer, as well as a quick rundown of what to look for and consider when purchasing for an urban commuter pack.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Backpacks in 2023

Now that you understand why you should choose a motorbike bag, you must select a backpack for yourself. However, there are a plethora of fantastic solutions available.

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






MIHUNTER Motorcycle Backpack


Kemimoto Hard Shell Backpack


OGIO Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

So, to help you figure out which one could be best for you, here are some reviews to get you started.

1. MotoCentric Motorcycle Backpack

The MotoCentric Motorcycle Backpack is a popular choice due to its high quality and durability. It has a waterproof outer and a hard side top shell that keeps the contents of the bag safe and dry in any weather.

This backpack also has comfortable and ergonomic shoulder straps, as well as ample cushioning in the back panel with numerous foam inserts for optimal ventilation.

It has a large storage capacity, and independent storage space, and is easy to store and remove. The fabric is a combination of ultra-wear-resistant Oxford cotton and water-resistant nylon.

Shoulder bags, backpacks, and motorcycle tail bags can all be used in a variety of ways.

The capacity is large; approximately 3.5 litres could be used to store laptops, helmets, and other items. It is suitable for motocross, riding, camping, hiking, and sports, among other activities.

Internal and external dual-use backpack with multiple functions, both sides tighten the net bag, and the net outside the pocket design (outside the package can be linked to helmets, basketball).

There is a notebook computer layer design that allows you to lay down a 14-inch notebook, making it very easy to travel with your belongings.

The Back layer is airy, not heated, and more comfortable, has a reflective strip on your bike to make it safer to ride.



  • The back system is comfortable.

  • There are many pockets and compartments.

  • Long-lasting materials.

  • Lil bit expensive.

2. JFG Racing Backpack

The JFG Racing Backpack is ideal for anyone who values organization. It includes numerous internal compartments and sleeves, allowing you to locate a specific space for each piece of gear.

A padded laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, fleece-lined phone pocket, and hydration bladder compartment, are all included. It has a great waterproofing capability.

This backpack increases aerodynamic force and reduces wind resistance thanks to its robust shell and streamlined design.

Laptop padded compartment with multi-layer construction for 14-inch PC. A camera, tablet computer, e-reader, tools, gloves, and other items can all be stored in the padded compartment.

It’s also worth noticing that the main compartment zipper is at the rear, and all of the sleeves are on the back panel’s internal side.

This is significantly more convenient for swiftly getting items out of the pack, but if you’ve only ever owned traditional front-loading bags, it may take some getting used to.



  • Exterior that is resistant to the elements.

  • The capacity that can grow.

  • Exceptional organizational capabilities.

  • Pricey.

  • There are no exterior pockets.

3. OGIO Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

The Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack with no drag technology features boosted back cushion for increased airflow, soft neck shoulder straps that won’t dig in when you’re going fast, and 360-degree retro-reflective safety piping and logo.

The fleece-lined personal gadgets pocket and the additional shoe storage compartments make professional commuting a snap.

In addition to the laptop compartment, the Mach 3 offers a retractable helmet carry strap and a padded tablet sleeve.

A secure pocket is included on the organizer’s panel, and the interior lining is now red.

The OGIO No Drag Mach 3 is ideal for travelers who need to transport a laptop, textbooks, and other vital documents daily.

There’s even accommodation for people who enjoy riding motorcycles. Who prefers to ride in off-road conditions with an extra pair of motorcycle boots?

The backpack includes a designated shoe storage area as well as a padded laptop sleeve with an elastic closure that can accommodate computers with screens up to 15 inches.



  • Exterior that is resistant to the elements.

  • The capacity that can grow.

  • Exceptional organizational capabilities.

  • Pricey.

  • There are no exterior pockets.

4. CUCYMA Motorcycle Backpack

CUCYMA has you covered if you’re searching for a bag that combines both style and utility. If you’re looking for a way to emphasize shape, have a look at this leather purse.

With its emblem and trendy color palettes, it exudes a laid-back atmosphere. It can also take on any color combination.

It is a wonderful choice for motorcycle riders because it has padded foam on every point it comes into touch with your body, including the back panel, shoulder straps, and waist belt.

The stow-away waist belt and shoulder straps, as well as the top and side, handle, make this backpack incredibly convenient to use.

It was made to go with a variety of motorcycle jackets, making it an excellent complement to your riding gear.

This piece was handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. It looks natural and pleasant when worn over a motorbike jacket.

The streamlined single-shot molded exterior is water-resistant and will not shrink from wind shear, with reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility. The shoulder gasket fits the shape of the body and improves aerodynamics.

The airflow is improved by the bolstered back foam profile. Soft neck and shoulder straps provide further comfort while riding and will not scratch the shell of the helmet.



  • High-quality, long-lasting materials.

  • In the main compartment, there are numerous pockets and sleeves.

  • The back system with a sternum strap that is both comfortable and practical.

  • There is no hip belt.

  • The primary compartment is nearly taken up by internal helmet storage.

5. IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Backpack

In this review, we’ll take a look at another fantastic backpack from IRON JIA’S. From top to bottom, it is completely waterproof.

This bag boasts a slew of unique features that elevate it to new heights. To begin with, the bag offers a wide range of customizing choices.

The padded foam on every point it comes into contact with your body: the back panel, shoulder straps, and waist belt make it an excellent choice for motorcycle riders because it delivers the utmost comfort on the road.

The stow-away waist belt and shoulder straps, as well as the top and side, handle, make this backpack incredibly convenient to use.

When properly set, the helmet will remain in place and will not slip off.

It also saves space in the bag because you won’t have to cram your helmet inside. This maximizes the bag’s convenience without compromising very little. It has the potential to be the finest.



  • There's a lot of room and it's comfortable for commuting.

  • Inexpensive and extremely light.

  • Zippers aren't water-resistant.

6. Nelson-Rigg SE-3020 20L Backpack

If you want a backpack that can withstand any weather, the Nelson Rigg backpack is ideal. It’s composed of Tarpaulin PVC, the same material that’s used to make outdoor tents.

That should give you a decent indication of the bag’s water resistance. This pack also includes a one-way waterproof purge valve for easy compression.

The ample padding in the back panel and harness make it a comfortable bag to wear. The entire back system is made of breathable mesh, which allows you to wear this bag for long periods without becoming sweaty.

The main compartment has a top-loading design with an inside laptop sleeve and a few smaller compartments.

However, keep in mind that it isn’t the finest in terms of organizing features. If you don’t require separate pockets for each item, this bag should suffice.



  • There are several sizes available.

  • Waterproof to the core.

  • The back system with padding and ventilation.

  • Heavy and inconvenient to organize.

7. Kemimoto Hard Shell Backpack

For this edition, we’ll be reviewing yet another Kemimoto Hard Shell Backpack. Kemimoto Hard Shell Backpack has a solid reputation for producing high-quality motorcycle backpacks.

What sets this bag apart from the others is that it is also designed to fit dirt motorcycles. We’re all aware of the significant differences between dirt bikes and conventional street bikes.

As a result, you cannot expect to get satisfactory results while riding a dirt bike with a typical motorcycle backpack.



  • Made of high-quality materials, this hard-shell bag is durable.

  • Straps that are both comfortable and adjustable.

  • It's riskier to keep the helmet on a buckle than it is to keep it inside the bag.

  • Straps may be restricting for taller people.

8. AUTLY Motorcycle Backpack

At first appearance, this backpack may appear to be a little short with a complete helmet attached to it.

Do not be fooled by its appearance; AUTLY Motorcycle Backpack has introduced a heavy-duty, capable, and light bag that will meet all of your demands.

The bag’s clean design leaves little to be desired. When paired with a biker jacket, it looks fantastic.

This item is a great addition to your motorcycle outfit collection. It offers just enough storage space to fit all of your belongings, including a biker jacket.

Its design also allows it to rapidly adapt to various colored biker jackets, ensuring that you are always in style.

With its two storage compartments, the bag also has a lot of storage space. Even when empty, the tough waterproof nylon construction and reinforced carbon fiber PVC body and cover keep their shape.

With the USB connector, you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere, and it will no longer be powerless; the phone can be extended by 10cm, meeting all of your everyday needs.

It is an excellent choice for friends, fathers, and bosses. It is an outdoor backpack and heavy-duty cloth backpack, suitable for camping, hiking, hiking, or touring.



  • Good quality with a hidden pocket on the bottom.

  • Plenty of storage space.

  • 15L capacity, abrasion-resistant bottom panel.

  • Compartments to hold goods. 

  • Side pocket for a water bottle.

  • Heavy.

9. MIHUNTER Motorcycle Backpack

A space for your helmet is a unique feature that makes these models excellent motorbike backpacks.

MIHUNTER Motorcycle Backpack is stable and comfy on your rides thanks to the sternum strap, adjustable shoulder straps, and waist belt.

Reflective straps on the front of the backpack for safe riding at night, extendable for greater space to keep helmet Two-way zipper allows goods to be taken from either angle.

A good bag for storing your helmets, cycling gear, gloves, and shoes, among other things. A bottom section that may be expanded to increase storage space is also included.

The motorcycle seat bag is multifunctional in that it fits most motorcycles and can also be worn as a backpack.

A good bag for storing your helmets, cycling gear, gloves, and shoes, among other things.

This bag has multiple pockets and four zippers. Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and enjoy a more efficient trip. This backpack is ideal for men and women who enjoy traveling, horseback riding, or hiking.

In the front, both the zippers and the bag material are waterproof. You can use it on rainy days to protect your items from water or rain.

This backpack is quite light for its size and might help you conserve weight when riding. A bottom section that may be expanded to increase storage space is also included.

The motorcycle seat bag is multi-functional in that it fits most motorcycles and can also be worn as a backpack.



  • DOT-certified inside laptop compartment.

  • Internal organizing pocket.

  • Removable shield holder.

  • The straps are a little short.

10. RIDERBAG Reflective Backpack

The greatest commuter backpack on the market is the Riderbag Reflector35.

It’s a 35-liter backpack with a variety of safety features. It’s reflective, high-visibility, waterproof, and comes with a helmet net, as well as the option of adding a spine protector!

The RiderBagTM Reflector35 is a fully reflective bicycle, motorcycling, or outdoor backpack that keeps you visible when riding at night.

Your bag was created with bike commuters, motorcycle riders, two-wheelers, and outdoor enthusiasts in mind.

This is why we built it water-resistant and included a FREE high-visibility waterproof backpack cover with it.



  • Brightest Color Available.

  • An ultra-aerodynamic molded shell.

  • U-shaped expansion gusset.

  • 360-degree vision for night-time riding.

  • Cannot hold a full-size helmet.

Why Should You Purchase a Motorcycle Backpack?

A dedicated motorcycle backpack should be part of your riding kit for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a motorbike backpack.

1. Designed for Safety

Carrying conventional bags when riding has several drawbacks, one of which is that they are inconvenient to carry. Riding a motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

With a stuffy, uncomfortable bag, you don’t want to miss out on that immersion. Motorcycle bags are made to make riding through the streets as comfortable as possible.

2. Extraordinary Storage Capacity

The primary use of a motorcycle bag is to serve as a trunk replacement. Regular bags can do this, but they are not meant to store in the same manner that motorbike bags are.

Most backpacks are designed to hold books and copies rather than a wide variety of materials.

3. Prepared to Travel

Motorcycle luggage is always made to travel with you. While travelling the streets on your bike, you can count on these bags to have your back. Regular bags, on the other hand, provide less certainty and disintegrate more quickly.

Motorcycle bags, in general, are designed to be taken on long rides and are lighter on the body, making them even more convenient to travel with.


1. What’s the point of having waterproof bags if the zippers aren’t?

While waterproofing a bag’s outside material is simple, zippers always leave some gaps through which water can seep.

Most bags, thankfully, cover these zippers such that water cannot get to them, thus you won’t have to worry about them.

2. Is it safe to ride with a bag on a motorcycle?

It can be unsafe and uncomfortable if the backpack is not meant for motorcycle riders.

The backpack could potentially injure the rider’s spine if he or she falls.

3. What is the best way to clean a waterproof motorbike backpack?

Scrub the spots carefully with a brush and diluted detergent.

The bag should then be washed by hand. Washing machines are tough on fabrics, causing them to lose their water-repellent properties.


A biker’s kit would not be complete without a motorbike backpack. For all bikers, it is something precious that improves their riding experiences.

With your newfound information, you may now join their ranks and obtain yourself the best motorbike backpack ever!

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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