15 Best Dirt Bike Helmet of 2022

best dirt bike helmet

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Among the protective gears that one should consider before going for a ride is the motorcycle helmet.

When riding off-road on dirt bikes, wearing helmets is not an exception.

Sometimes riding off-road might be risky because of the rough terrain of the road and to prevent head injuries in case of an accident having dirt bike helmets is a necessity.

The unique designs used in manufacturing them make one see necessary safety equipment while on the road.

They are built with an extended chin, a larger air ventilation system, and a hard shell to prove they are necessary equipment before going off-roads on dirt bikes.

Settling on a specific dirt bike helmet might be confusing sometimes because it is hard to tell which one is better.

The best dirt bike helmets are comfortable, versatile and keep the rider’s head cool all the time.

They enable the dirt riders to get superior impact absorption, peripheral vision, and retention, making their rides more fun and adventurous.

Why Choose Dirt Bike Helmets?

There are certain qualities that dirt bike helmets offer which are not there in regular motorcycle helmets.

The below list outlines some of the critical aspects found on dirt bike helmets.

  • They have a high-quality shell – Most of the dirt bike helmets are built from carbon and ABS shells, high-quality and durable materials. They can sustain harsh impacts and offer maximum protection to dirt bike riders during a crush or a road accident.
  • Impact Absorption – many of these dirt bike helmets consist of a form layer or 6Ds and ODS systems that are good absorbers of impacts. These are suitable for dirt bike riders because they mostly race off-road where there is harsh terrain. These materials are good absorbers of pressures from road impacts, making riders more comfortable and confident while on the road.
  • They are light in weight – when riding while wearing heavy helmets increases body strains making the riders very uncomfortable and even making them sweat more. The ABS shells used in constructing most of these dirt bike helmets are light in weight, making riders’ adventures more fun because they can hardly detect they have something on their head. 
  • Excellent ventilation system – motocross and dirt bike racing are physical sports that entail hard work, and sometimes riders tend to sweat a lot. These helmets are well-ventilated, thus keeping the rider’s head drier and more relaxed, giving them a better focus while on the road.

There are numerous dirt bike helmets with different qualities ranging from prices, size, and colors.

Therefore, it makes it hard to tell which model is suitable for your ride unless you are familiar with it.

We have listed the best dirt bike helmets basing on their capabilities which will enable riders to pick the best depending on their specifications.

A list of the 15 Best Dirt Bike Helmet is listed below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






1Storm HF801 Dirt Bike Helmet


O'Neal Sierra II Dirt Bike Helmet


Shoei VFX-EVO Dirt Bike Helmet

1. O’Neal 0200-S14 2Series Helmet

dirt bike helmet

When one is buying motorcycle helmets, their key concern is whether they will last long.

The O’Neal 2 series dirt bike helmets are constructed with ABS shell, a hard material suitable for durability and maximum protection.

They have an ultra-plush removable and washable padding liner, ensuring riders wear clean helmets every time they go for rides.

They are built with multiple air ventilation systems that ensure the temperature and moisture content inside the helmet are in equilibrium.

It has a rubber nose guard and a double D release chin strap, making it more comfortable and protective.

The clear and adjustable visors give the dirt bike riders a clear view of the road, thus moving swiftly.

These dirt bike helmets come in different sizes and shapes, and to find the appropriate one, riders are advised to measure their heads first before settling on the specific helmet.



  • They have a good venting system that provides excellent airflow while riding.

  • Greater visor designs that provide dirt riders with a greater view of the road.

  • Built with hard materials that guarantee maximum protection.

  • Ultra comfort inner fabric.

  • The inner paddings are a little snug.

  • Noisy visor.

2. BELL MX-9 Dirt Bike Helmet

dirt bike helmet

BELL MX-9 Dirt Bike Helmet is built with a three-layer impact liner that utilizes numerous materials, which helps the dirt bike riders disperse impact energy in case of an accident.

Also, they have a multi-directional impact protection system to protect the riders against traumatic injuries.

These segment liners have an adaptive and more personalized fit for various head shapes and sizes.

Polycarbonate shells make them even harder to impact pressure during crushes. They meet all the road safety requirements and are DOT-approved.

BELL Helmets have a velocity flow ventilation system for maximum cooling designed with extra aero to prevent wind noise and the internal collar, which reduces the excessive airflow inside the helmet.

They contain a photochromic face shield that automatically becomes bright in dark conditions and tints in sunlight to help riders have a clear view even when engaging in sporting activities.



  • They are lightweight.

  • They shield the rider from UV radiations.

  • They have tight inner paddings that fit nearly in every head sizes.

  • They cannot resist harsh accidental damages.

3. YEMA YM-915 Motocross Helmet

yema dirt bike helmet

YEMA YM-915 motocross helmets are built with an outstanding aerodynamic ABS shell that is safe and comfortable.

They are professional-approved dirt bike helmets that meet FMVSS 218 standards, and they are DOT-approved.

YEMA Helmets are built with exciting, fashionable designs that suit dirt bike riders and can be used by both men and women.

They have multi-density EPS incorporated with a reinforced chin strap that ensures dirt riders have maximum protection while on the road.

They have the best ventilation system since it contains a fully adjustable intake and a rare exhaust vent to create a constant, light flow of air to keep the dirt bike rider cool and comfortable while on the road.

The liner pads are fully removable and washable hence keeping the helmet clean and fresh all the time.

Their streamlined shape enables it to reduce wind noise and drag while riding at a higher speed.



  • Dual-density EPS liner that reduces energy transfer during a crash.

  • Several shells and EPS liners to reduce energy transfer in case of a crush.

  • It is DOT approved.

  • They have a poorly designed retention system.

4. HJC CS-MX 2 Ellusion Helmet

hjc dirt bike helmet

HJC CS-MX 2 Ellusion Helmets are built with lightweight, superior fit and comfort material designed with advanced CAD technology.

They are entry-level polycarbonate dirt bike helmets for riders looking for less expensive off-road helmets but still want decent and high-quality dirt bike helmets.

They contain a large eye port and goggle fits to help dirt bike riders to have maximum visibility on the road.

These helmets have ACS advanced channeling ventilation system from the front to back, allowing enough airflow to flush the heat and humidity that might have been built up.

For those dirt bike riders looking for comfortability, HJC CS-MX II is the best option.

They contain a fully removable and washable liner which makes them easy to clean.

Also, the riders use the tried and tested plastic poppers to keep the dirt bike helmet in place, making them suitable for long rides.



  • It protects dirt bike riders against UV radiation.

  • The added visor protects dirt riders against sun and dust while off roads.

  • It is very light in weight such that when you have it on, you can barely notice it is on your head.

  • They have a large opening for goggles that allow many wind noises.

5. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet

dirt bike helmet

Scorpion EXO Dirt Bike Helmets are redefined with the best features and versatility of off-road racing touring and dirt bike racing activities.

The advanced LG polycarbonate shell incorporated with the plastic ABS shell makes them lightweight and very strong to dissipate the impacts during road crushes.

They are built with a modular chin bar that allows dirt bike riders to relieve their claustrophobia or even ask for directions if they are unsure of where they are heading.

The peak and large eye port deflected roost are incorporated with these dirt bike helmets, allowing riders to wear goggles to block direct sunlight while riding on a sunny day.

The ever clear and anti-fog face shield and the drop-down internal visor keep the dirt bike riders’ vision clear and help them see well even around sharp bends on the road.

When riding on highways, the peak visors are removable to give riders the aerodynamic profile suitable for riding at higher speeds.

The eyeglasses compatible with the cheek pads ensure riders are comfortable while on the road and even during impacts as a result of accidents or crushes.

The intake vents at the top of the dirt bike helmets provide cool air to give the rides a cold breeze that is soothing when riding. The rare exhaust vent maximizes the movement of hot air and humidity out of the helmet to keep the rider comfortable all the time.

They have met all the road safety standards and are DOT approved.



  • The hard polycarbonate material makes them very sustainable and not easy to break.

  • The internal pad is detachable and washable.

  • They have a moderate weight which is convenient for long rides.

  • The screw of the glass or face shields and visors get loose rapidly.

6. Shoei VFX-EVO Dirt Helmet

shoei dirt bike helmet

The SHOEI VFX–EVO dirt helmets are constructed with an advanced and integrated matrix plus shell consisting of organic fibers.

Materials used are light in weight hence suitable for long-distance rides.

They are very rigid to hold the dirt bike rider’s head in position to avoid it shaking when riding at a higher speed and resilient to offer more comfortability to the dirt bike riders since they can withstand a lot of impact pressures.

Also, they contain an expanded rib shape across the rare, which provides strap holding for goggles, thus suitable for riding during hot sunny days.

The ventilation system comprises a front intake vent, rare exhaust outlet, and an enlarged neck outlet that ensures humidity and airflow inside the helmet is maintained at equilibrium.

They are Snell M2015, and DOT approved.



  • Well-built ventilation system to facilitate adequate airflow.

  • It has fancy and pleasant exterior designs.

  • Provide ultra-comfortability even when riding for long-distance.

  • They have a noisy visor, especially when used frequently.

7. ILM Off-Road Dirt Bike Helmet

ilm dirt bike helmet

The ABS and polycarbonate material used in making these dirt bike helmets makes them light in weight and incredibly durable.

The sleek aerodynamic design makes them more streamlined hence reduce air resistance even when riding at higher speeds.

They are incorporated with a front and rare vent for maximum circulation, thus providing a reliable ventilation system.

They come with clear and tinted visors that are detachable from the helmets to be removed when they are not needed.

The buckles inner liners are removable and washable, making maintaining the helmet very easy and convenient.

They have thick and comfortable multi-layer lining, which acts as buffers and shock absorbers during impacts and road crushes.

They meet and exceed FMVSS-218 standards and are DOT approved; hence they offer maximum protection to dirt bike riders while riding off roads.



  • It has an advanced chin strap that retains the helmet on the head and thus stopping riders from pushing it.

  • It is light in weight.

  • It has a visor that protects the dirt bike riders against direct sunlight and molecular dust.

  • When exposed to heat for long durations, it heats up faster.

8. 1Storm HF801 Dirt Bike Helmet

dirt bike helmet

1Storm HF801 dirt bike helmets are built of durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shells, which reduce wind resistance and increase the stability of dirt bike riders.

The ABS shell and the multi-density EPS material guarantee the dirt bike rider’s maximum protection in an impact or accident crush.

They meet and exceed all the road safety measures and are also DOT-approved.

It is well ventilated with eleven vents. Five are located on the front and two on top to allow a cool breeze to flow inside the helmet to provide a cool breeze to the dirt bike rider. Four vents are located on the rare side, giving the riders a perfect adjustment to exhaust the excessive moisture generated inside the helmet.

Also, their liner padding is removable and washable to keep the inner side of the helmet clear and odor-free.



  • It comes in various size patterns making it suitable for everybody.

  • It has an excellent ventilation system.

  • They are budget-friendly since they are affordable.

  • They are not good enough at resisting harsh accidents.

9. LS2 Subverter Helmet

ls2 dirt bike helmet

LS2 Subverter dirt bike helmets are built up with kinetic polymer alloy shells that are light in weight and ultra-strong and can sustain harsh impacts.

The EPS uses the in-modeling mechanism by attaching the internal polycarbonate protective region in the padding layer, thus guaranteeing maximum protection for dirt bike riders even when riding at higher speeds.

The layer is a little slick, allowing the inner liner, which is smooth and comfortable, to slip slightly, thus helps in diminishing the rotational energy and improving the dissipation energy being absorbed by the EPS material.

Its shell is built up with 35 separate ventilation ports that guarantee an optimum flow of air in and out of the helmet keeping the dirt bike rider cooler all the time free from the hot temperatures.

These dirt bike helmets have met all the road safety measures and are DOT approved.



  • The aerodynamic design reduces friction and pressure drag.

  • The inner liner is fully removable, and washable making its maintenance easy and convenient.

  • It is DOT certified hence guaranteeing maximum protection to dirt bike rides.

  • They come with a poorly designed liner padding.

10. TRIANGLE Dirt Bike Helmet

triangle dirt bike helmet

TRIANGLE dirt bike helmets are made up of polycarbonate material and ABS shell with a thick high-density EPS liner, making them more comfortable and resistant to impacts during crashes, thus offering optimum protection to the dirt bike riders.

They have an excellent ventilation system, making dirt bike riders’ adventures and sporting activities more fun and worthwhile.

The inner padding is fully removable and washable, thus getting riders rid of bad odor that might have accumulated due to being used for long periods.

They are DOT approved, and also they meet and exceed FMVSS-218 safety standards.

They come in numerous sizes and shapes, which offer optimum protection against UV radiation.



  • They offer maximum protection against UV radiation.

  • They have nose guards.

  • Its aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and drag.

  • Bulky in nature.

11. Vega MCX Dirt Bike Helmet

vega dirt bike helmet

The strong ABS and polycarbonate materials used in making these helmets offer maximum protection to keep dirt riders safe and protected all the time.

Its outer shell has extra-large and mid-range vents, while the rear comprises four large exhaust vents, thus offering maximum air circulation to the riders.

The multi-position sun visors with anti-glare paint help dirt bike riders reduce eye strains while on the road.

The comfort silk liner materials are made of thick padding, making the rider’s head comfortable.

They are fully removable and washable, making them efficient for long rides.

They meet the US DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE R 22.05 safety measures.



  • They are light in weight.

  • They have soft and spacious interior.

  • They have proper air ventilation system.

  • The visors become loose after being used severally.

12. Fox Racing V1 Matte Helmet

dirt bike helmet

These dirt bike helmets are built from injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS shell, which are light in weight.

The dirt bike helmets are built with elevated features that guarantee maximum protection and safety to riders.

It is designed with multi-directional impact protection systems, the modern technology used in making helmets because of its high capabilities to reduce impact forces during road crushes.

They are built with nine intake and four rare exhaust vents to allow optimum airflow inside and outside to ensure that humidity and temperature are maintained at equilibrium.

These dirt bike helmets meet and exceed the ECE 22.05 road safety measures and are DOT approved.



  • It offers an extra protection mechanism to the riders.

  • ABS shells making them light in weight.

  • Visors are not adjustable.

13. GDM DK-650 Dirt Helmet

dirt bike helmet

The GDM DK-650 dirt bike helmet is built with an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy ABS shell, making them suitable for long off-road rides.

The inner padding comprises hypoallergenic and antibacterial liners with cheek cushions that guarantee riders maximum comfortability even during impacts and accident crush.

All of their inside paddings are washable and detachable.

The peak is air channeled, and its streamlined aerodynamic design helps it minimize drag and lift when dirt bike rides are on higher speeds.

The GDM DK-650 helmet’s face shield is compound-curved, giving riders a clearer view of the road.

They contain a face shield that is UV-protected and scratch-resistant, making them more durable and long-lasting.



  • It comes in various sizes and shapes.

  • It has thing and durable inner paddings.

  • Built with anti-fog visors.

  • They are bulky.

14. O’Neal Sierra II Helmet

dirt bike helmet

O’Neal Sierra II dirt bike helmets consist of polycarbonate and ABS shell materials that are strong and durable, hence making them withstand a lot of impacts even during crashes off-road terrain.

They are built with a good ventilation system, the front vents channel in the cold breeze.

At the same time, the rare exhaust removes the excessive humidity air that might have accumulated inside the helmet to provide a user-friendly environment for dirt bike riders.

They contain integrated face shields that provide dirt bike rides with a wider view of the road.

The inner paddings are fully removable and washable, making them more efficient for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

These dirt bike helmets have exceeded the road safety measures and are DOT approved hence optimum usage even in rough terrain.



  • They have thick inner paddings to facilitate optimum comfortability.

  • They are DOT approved.

  • They provide maximum protection against UV radiation.

  • They are slightly expensive.

15. AHR H-VEN20 Motocross Helmet

dirt bike helmet

These dirt bike helmets are built with lightweight ABS shell materials incorporated with high-density EPS liners, thus guaranteeing riders maximum comfortability and protection.

They come with a buckle on the chin strap, which makes it for the dirt riders to remove and wear them.

Also, these help the riders to keep their heads in suitable and comfortable positions.

Their inner padding is removable and washable, thus reducing its maintenance cost.

They meet and exceed DOT safety rules and standards, thus ensuring that dirt bike riders are safe even when riding at high speeds on the off-roads.



  • They come in trendy designs.

  • They are DOT certified.

  • They are affordable.

  • The visor screws get loose when used frequently.


Buying dirt bike helmets is a complex task, especially when you are unsure of the option to settle on.

There are numerous dirt bike helmets available on the market, and settling on the ones that meet your specification might not be an easy task, especially when you don’t know what to consider.

Settling on the best dirt bike helmets does not mean that one has to spend a lot of money, but there are other factors that you need to consider.

The above list provides the best 15 dirt bike helmets that can help one settle on their dream helmets.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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