Best Motorcycle Overpants Buying Guide

motorcycle overpants buying guide

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Best Motorcycle Overpants Buying Guide


Motorcycle overpants are a must for every biker, they are an important part of any biker’s gear. This is very important as it helps you to ride comfortably on the bike.

So now you must have understood how important motorcycle pants are to you. This greatly increases your level of security, and it helps you stay safe.

When you travel many distances on your bike, wearing normal clothes or jeans can cause problems in traveling such as not being comfortable. In such a situation, if you use motorcycle pants, then you can make your ride comfortable and very comfortable.

The motorcycle pants are primarily designed for the bikers, helping the bikers to stay afloat in the problems like temperature, rain, etc. But bikers should keep some things in mind before buying a motorcycle, what are those things, let’s know about them through this article.

What are motorcycle overpants?

motorcycle overpants

Motorcycle overpants are pants designed primarily to ride or tackle the challenges of a motorcycle. It helps bikers to ride, track, off-road, etc. with ease as compared to other pants or clothing.

It helps bike riders to ride comfortably and flexibly with safety. These overpants are made according to the size of the body of every person so that everyone can use them. Many materials are used to make this plant. Let’s know about those materials.

1. Leather motorcycle pants

Many people like leather equipment very much, for those people these overpants have been designed. Leather pants are tough and resist abrasion.

This pant has impact protection on the knee and hips part. This impact protection is fitted in the pocket, allowing the bike rider to control the level as per his wish or need.

2. Fabric motorcycle pants

Cloth motorcycle overpants have been around for quite a long time, making them the perfect pants for such bikers looking for technical features.

These pants are waterproof, and also have breathability, which makes them good pants. They are much lighter, and cheaper than other motorcycle pants, which makes them very easy to use.

Like leather pants, its impact protection comes mainly from the pocket itself. When you want to wash these pants, you can also take them apart. Apart from this, the rider can also sub-grade it according to their need.

3. Denim riding pants

These motorcycle overpants look just like normal pants, they are also called motorcycle jeans. It is the main and first choice of most bikers due to its look like normal jeans.

This type of pants has abrasion resistance and is woven into its fabric, this is to protect your hips. Another feature of these pants is it also features fit and forget impact protection which provides good and flexible protection.

What we mentioned above are some of the main categories of motorcycle pants, which provide high-quality protection to every biker. You will be sure of what features you want in your motorcycle pants.

But before buying it, you need to check whether the features you want are there or not. Apart from this, you also have to confirm whether it will fit you properly or not.

How are motorcycle overpants beneficial to riders?

Motorcycle overpants are of great benefit to a biker in several ways. Its main advantage is safety, which saves the biker from accidents like a fall. These pants are primarily designed to reduce and resist risks such as abrasion and impact.

Motorcycle pants are fitted with impact protection pads which are fitted to host them. This protection only enables swapping or updating. These pants are manufactured keeping in mind the safety of the biker, it also takes full care of the safety and comfort of the bikers.

Often when a person travels a long distance by bike, he has problems like sweat and moisture during the journey. Due to this, there is trouble riding the bike and accidents can also happen.

Therefore, motorcycle pants keep the bikers away from problems like sweat and moisture. Due to this, the bike can be driven without any trouble and accidents can be avoided.

What to wear under motorcycle overpants?

motorcycle pants

When you ride a bike, you cover only your hands and head, but while riding a bike, your whole body should be covered.

Often people forget to cover their lower parts, all the body parts of the human body are important. When a road accident happens to you, you can also get hurt in that part of you that is not covered.

Motor vehicle pants can increase the protection of your lower body so that the lower body can also be kept safe in case of an accident.

Your motorcycle overpants will provide protection as well as resist abrasion. If you are riding in a lot of rain, sunshine, or any weather in which you will have trouble riding.

In such a situation, motorcycle overpants help you to stay comfortable, and save you from accidents.

Key features of Motorcycle Overpants

● Provides complete protection from hip to toe.

● Offers ventilation.

● Tabs, leaves, and piping for visibility.

● Street support and track fit.

● comfortable while riding.

● The armor on the hips on the knees, can also be removed according to the need.

● Able to resist abrasion.

How to choose the best motorcycle overpants for you?

When you go to buy good motorcycle overpants for yourself, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. You have to buy motorcycle pants keeping in mind the same things, which are as follows.

1. Fit and Style

While buying your motorcycle overpants, keep in mind that your pants are fit and stylish. That is, if you are comfortable in it, you can easily sit on the bike and get off easily, which you find perfect.

2. Rest

Biking for too long can cause problems with sitting such as getting wet or being fair.

That’s why you have to keep in mind when buying overpants whether they can hold sweat, can withstand weather, and whether they are breathable i.e. air can pass through them or not.

For this, you can check the material of the pants, and this is also necessary.

3. Security

You have to choose motorcycle pants for yourself which are of AAA rating, such pants are of very good quality. It is capable of providing you with assured protection. Quality pants designed for never-ending bikers.

4. AA is best for touring gear

We mentioned that AAA-rated pants are the best for bikers, apart from this it also covers the gears of the motorcycle. When buying pants, pay attention to only good quality pants.


5. Quality

You need to check the quality of motorcycle pants and this should be your main objective. Your quality checks confirm how much you care about your safety.

You need to choose pants that are durable and add protection. Leather pant has a lot of stitching and stretch, in contrast, a fabric motorcycle pant has a built-in fabric.

a) Leather

Leather motorcycle pants are often the first choice for bikers because of their durability.

Leather pants have the power to resist the friction force when an accident occurs with the biker and thus provide protection. Apart from this, leather pants give you a stylish and classic look, which looks fashionable.

b) Nylon

If you’re looking for lightweight, flexible, or breathable comfortable pants for riding, nylon is the best option.

Nylon pants are the best in the summer season, as they are lightweight, and this can be the choice of many bikers.

c) Fabric Pants

There are many types of fabric like polyester, cotton, etc. Materials are mixed to create strong and comfortable pants.

If you are looking for pants that are breathable and also strong enough to go on a ride, then the cloth is a good and ideal pair for you. Apart from this, cloth pants are also helpful in drying your sweat.

6. Check the closure system

A closure system is a system that keeps motorcycle riding pants in place. There are three main types of closed systems which are as follows;

a) Switch

Button closures are often used in halter or regular fit and loose pants. But it is not completely secure like other options, it is very easy to use. In this, you can take off and put on your pants quickly.

b) Zipper

The jeep closure button is much more secure than other closure buttons. They are mostly used for motorbike rides.

If you have been to this motorcycle pant, then keep in mind that it does not come off quickly. It also has the option of zip closure which makes it more special.

c) Hook and loop

The hook and Look button is a secure and sturdy closure, this type of closure is a combination of zipper and closure. In this, you get a lot of comfort and pleasure.

7. Check the cost

Nothing comes without money, so it is very important to check its value. Everyone wants him to not need to spend his wealth. In most cases, it happens that the more expensive motorcycle pants you buy, the better and stronger the quality will be.

As the quality increases, so will the price. But some pants come with the right main with the best quality. But you may have to spend a lot of time to find them.

Irrespective of what motorcycle pants you are buying, you have to first understand the needs that you want in a pant. When you buy pants, check everything you wanted to see if they were in them. Apart from this, considering all its features, choose a perfect pair for yourself.

motorcycle overpants


1. Why are motorcycle overpants necessary?

Motorcycle overpants are very important for any biker, it saves the biker from accidents. Suppose you are going on a bike somewhere far away and while riding the bike for a long time, sweat starts coming on your leg.

In such a situation, you may have trouble sitting and this can also lead to an accident. Motorcycle pants keep your legs dry and make you feel comfortable.

2. How many types of motorcycle overpants are there?

Here are some types of motorcycle overpants which are as follows. All these motorcycle pants have their advantages.

● Leather motorcycle pants.

● Fabric motorcycle pants.

● Mesh motorcycle pants.

● Motocross motorcycle pants.

● Jeans type motorcycle pants.

3. Are abrasions terrible without riding pants?

If you don’t wear motorcycle overpants while riding a bike then both your knees and hips can slip. Apart from this, you may have sweat on your legs without pants or you may have discomfort while sitting.

Final Verdict

Many bike lovers in the world love to ride a bike. Wherever the bike lover goes, they take their bike with them, if they go on a trip somewhere far away, if they take a bike with them. In such a situation, sitting on the bike for a long time may cause you to discomfort or your legs may be filled with sweat.

This will make it difficult for you to sit so that you will not be able to focus on riding the bike. This can lead to you becoming a victim of a road accident.

Motorcycle pants can save your life. It saves you from the discomfort of sitting and keeps your legs sweat-free. It allows air to flow in and out of your legs, which makes your feet sweat.

You will easily find many motorcycle overpants in the market. But what should you keep in mind while buying it, we have introduced you to all these things. Whenever you go to buy overpants, keep all these things in mind.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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