Full Face Motorcycle Helmet: Buying Guide

full-face motorcycle helmet

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There are numerous reasons for riding a motorcycle; some ride it for pleasure while others for commercial purposes. Whatever the reason, we all need to be protected. Besides, riding a motorcycle is designed to give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Therefore, helmets are safety gear needed while on the road. Helmets were designed to protect your head and brain from injuries that might occur on the road. Besides, many riders have stated that they are more comfortable and confident when riding while wearing a helmet than when they do not have one.

Anyone on the road could be a potential victim of an accident, and thus they should always protect themselves all through. Besides, helmets protect you against many things, not only accidents.

For instance, dust particles blown by wind or mosquitoes and other small insects could enter your eyes. This could interfere with your concentration; hence, it is ideal for wearing a helmet anytime you are on the road. Always wear a helmet even if you are going for a short-distance ride.

full-face motorcycle helmet

There are different types of helmets in the market; however, full face motorcycle helmets are the most effective and reliable. They are versatile but also an expensive option that covers the rider’s entire face, thus offering extra protection.

Besides, they are manufactured in different sizes to ensure they fit everyone’s head. Therefore, before buying a full-face motorcycle helmet, below are some factors you should consider.

Factors to consider while buying Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


The main reason for purchasing a helmet is for safety purposes. Safety should always come as number 1; therefore, when riding any motorcycle, you should always wear a helmet. Helmets are always measured and approved before being sold out in the market, implying that they have been tested and confirmed that they can provide optimum protection to the rider.

However, a major concern comes when one wears a helmet, not of their size. A study based on the crash rating system found out 71% of riders wear a helmet that is not their size, while 69% report being uncomfortable in those helmets.

Therefore, before purchasing a helmet, you should consider all the safety features they come with, and the first is the size of the helmet.

full-face motorcycle helmet

Wearing an oversized or undersized will make you uncomfortable, deteriorating your attention on the road. Besides, you can check on the helmet’s inner paddings, the inner liner, and the materials used in manufacturing the outer shell.


Before purchasing a particular helmet, you should ensure it fits your head correctly. The size of the motorcycle helmet determines fitness. Therefore, you should know your head size to ensure you are picking the right helmet for your head.

Every motorcycle helmet is manufactured with a rigid outer shell, an inner liner, and a comfort liner composed of soft paddings to provide comfort while riding. Therefore, ensure you purchase the right size.


Price is a very crucial element that one needs to consider. There is a high-end full-face motorcycle helmet, and where budget is not a major concern, you should settle for this. Depending on the features you want your helmet to come with, a full-face motorcycle helmet ranges between $100 to $1,500.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lighter-weighted full face motorcycle helmet, that will be relatively expensive due to the components used in manufacturing such helmets. The full face helmets designed with polycarbonated material are relatively expensive, but optimum safety is guaranteed.

Comfort factors

Besides security measures, the full face motorcycle helmet should provide comfort to the rider.

full-face motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet and noise

Many variables in the motorcycle could be producing noise. One is your motorcycle’s engine; the other factor is weather and then the helmet.

However, compared to other motorcycle helmets, full-face motorcycle helmets are much more silent. There will be minimal to zero noise when the rider has covered the face shield.

Therefore this makes one ride in a conducive environment as they won’t be distracted by external noises. Besides ensuring much noise is reduced, purchase a helmet that fits you perfectly, especially in the neck region.

Weight of the helmet

Motorcycle helmets are supposed to bring more comfort and not become a burden to the wearer.

Motorcycle enthusiasts who like riding for a long duration should look for a lightweight full-face motorcycle helmet as this is ideal as it will prevent them from being tired on their journey.

Full face motorcycle helmet ventilation

Ventilation is very important as it helps remove the hot air from the helmet and brings in cool and moist air making the environment conducive for the rider.

A constant flow of cool air keeps you fresh and more focused while riding. Therefore, before purchasing a full-face motorcycle helmet, look at the inlet vents and the outlet vents to determine if they will provide much ventilation.

Why choose a full face motorcycle helmet?

Full-face motorcycle helmets provide complete coverage of the face. There are numerous benefits to picking this particular helmet.

full-face motorcycle helmet

Easy to wear

These are the easiest helmets since they do not have complications. Modular motorcycle helmets are complicated as they require one to press a button, but in this, you simply put them on your head, fasten them, and then you are good to go.

More comfortable

These helmets are always built for comfort. They have been designed with a soft inner padding that is relatively thick and has a smooth texture that makes the head feel relaxed. Besides, their ventilation is well constructed, providing optimum air circulation in the helmet, thus ensuring the rider is much more comfortable.

Easy to maintain

These helmets do not require special treatment since they are strong and durable. All the rider has to do is to ensure they clean it regularly. Also, they should ensure that full face helmets are used for their intended purpose.


Full face motorcycle helmets are the real deal if you are looking for helmets that will give you a test of both reliability and comfort. It will make you enjoy every bit of your adventure since they are durable and more resistant to impacts.

Besides, they are very versatile and provide maximum comfort; that’s why they are most common in the market.

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