LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet: Honest Review

LS2 Valiant 2 modular helmet review

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LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet: Honest Review


A helmet is essential safety equipment that every motorcycle rider should never lack when navigating the road.

Besides, a helmet defines many things to the riders, so manufacturers are on consistent progress to generate new designs and models to enhance user protection while on the road.

To beginners, this might be a real nightmare selecting the best helmet. Still, if you are looking for value for money and attaining a high-quality helmet, LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet has it all since it is a fun experience in and by itself.

They have been made with a smooth inner lining to ensure maximum comfort to the rider.

Furthermore, they have been made with hard and durable materials to provide maximum protection in case of a crash or an impact. Besides having many types of helmets, they are not created to serve the same function, which is also paramount to the safety level with which each helmet is designed.

However, the LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet has been among the best in terms of protection. Thus, it has proven ideal for riders more concerned about their safety.

Things to consider before buying LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet

Before purchasing this LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet, you will most likely have a rough picture of the requirements and capabilities that this helmet will offer.

The best thing about this motorcycle helmet is that they are strong enough to sustain hard impacts; besides, the chin bar that rotates 180 degrees allows communication with other riders or road users, more so if it is a group ride.

Therefore, before purchasing it, you need to be conversant with things like: are they suitable for short or long-distance rides? Do your taste and demands comprehend the helmet features? Is it within your budget? Is it easy to maintain?

Therefore, LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet has been made with strong yet light material, and thus they are best for both long and short rides.

Besides, it has been designed with a modern appearance with all the features in the previous model with additional ones; hence they comprehend every motorcycle enthusiast’s taste and demands.

They are easy to maintain as they contain removable and washable inner paddings that are easy to clean.

The cost for LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet

This modular motorcycle helmet is among the high-quality ones based on the features and output it delivers. They are DOT and ECE-approved with some of the best functionality features, yet they are affordable in that any motorcycle rider can purchase them.

They retail at $360-380 MSRP, which is not that expensive considering all the features it has been manufactured with.

Features of LS2 Valiant II Modular Helmet 

When ordering this helmet, it will arrive packed inside a microfiber-lined pull string bag to ensure it is in a safe environment when it is not in use.

Besides, in the package, there is a pocket containing a second face shield and pin lock anti-fog shield, which are excluded in most helmets.

Pulling it out of its packaging bag, you will notice this variant has a low-profile design in that they are slimmer than the previous models.

For people who have had a bad experience with the previous models, this is a treat. It has been incorporated with many features that are very user-friendly and geared towards protecting the user.

They are DOT approved and meet the FMVSS 218 standards; thus, they are safe for all-weather roads. Furthermore, they are ultra-light manufactured with a strong yet flexible shell using the kinetic polymer alloy material; thus, the rider can ride for a long distance without getting tired.

Also, they are designed with a twin shield system drop-down sun shield that is operated with a cable slider for smooth and dependable sun protection.

And the chin bar has been designed to flip 180 degrees to allow the rider to swap from an open to a full helmet. The inner paddings are removable and washable, made of breathable fabrics to ensure the rider has a clean environment, thus being comfortable while riding.

Usability of the LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet

best ls2 modular helmet

The LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet utility application makes setting up and managing it a breeze. One can opt for different things, either to ride in a full-face helmet or an open-face helmet, depending on your mood, thus making you have the most out of your adventure.

For a short distance, you can ride in the open face since that makes you more concentrated on the road while allowing the cool breeze of the moist wind to thrash against your skin, thus giving you a relaxing atmosphere.

Design, modes, and maintenance of the LS2 Valiant II Modular Helmet 

This motorcycle helmet is always recognized for its low-profile design and a 180-degree flip modular that allows the rider to switch between full-face and open-face helmets.

Besides, the chin bar is smaller and slimmer than the previous models to make it more aerodynamic, although retaining all the features of the previous model but giving it a more modern appearance.

The outer shell is made from a strong LS2’s Kinetic Polymer Alloy, a lightweight, strong composite material to ensure durability. The interior of this helmet is well made with comfort pads which are thermos formed to improve breathability and eliminate any hot sport.

The LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet features multiple intakes and exhaust ports for maximum ventilation.

Pros & Cons



  • It is a good compromise between a full-face helmet and an open-face helmet, giving the rider an option to choose the mode they want to ride in.

  • Since the chin bar flips 180 degrees, they are well ventilated as riders can open it to get some fresh air and cold breeze, especially during hot climatic conditions.

  • They are durable.

  • It comes with a tinted visor for maximum protection against UV radiation. 

  • Some users have reported encountering much wind noise.

  • They are slightly heavy compared to other helmets.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for helmets that can give you a test of all the worlds, LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet is very convenient for that purpose.

It will provide you with more enjoyment, they have been designed with solid materials, and thus there are more durable and can resist hard impacts. Most importantly, they are very flexible; you can open the chin bar or close it at your convenience.

However, there are cautions about utilizing this LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet not to ride, especially at high speed, with the chin bar open because it exposes you to more hazards.

However, while enjoying your slow ride in a busy town, one can use the recessed chin bar as a flex. Also, they are more versatile and guarantee maximum comfort, making them more popular in the market.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

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