The 10 Best Modular Helmet under $300 (2022)

modular helmet under $300

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Whenever the topic of motorcycle helmets arises, the real question that hits the mind revolves around safety, price, fit, and comfort.

It raises many concerns, like can all these features go in hand when looking for motorcycle modular helmets with a budget of under $300, or do you have to forgo some and major on one particular aspect.

The reality is that you can get quality and comfortable motorcycle modular helmets under that budget. Durable and quality motorcycle helmets don’t necessarily need to be expensive.

However, finding the right motorcycle helmet that satisfies all your desires could be overwhelming since numerous helmets have unique styles and shapes in the market, and deciding which is best could be hectic.

Therefore if you are solely looking for ultimate motorcycle modular helmets under the budget of $300, you are at the right place.

We have compiled the best 10 high-quality and durable modular helmets for each rider.

A list of 10 Best Modular Helmet under $300 is given below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet


HJC i90 Davan Modular Helmet


Fly Racing Modular Motorcycle Helmet

1. HJC i90 Davan Modular Helmet

hjc i90 modular helmet

HJC has been on the market for quite a long period, and they have always tried to improve the quality of their helmets.

The HJC i90 Davan Modular Helmet is manufactured from a high-quality polycarbonate composite shell, which is very hard and thus ensures durability.

The helmet is lightweight and thus suitable for long-distance rides.

They are extremely comfortable inside since they have been made with dual density EPS for material to absorb shocks generated while riding through rugged terrain or in case of an impact.

In addition, the helmet has been integrated with modern ventilation systems that allow a modest flow of air inside the helmet to minimize heat and humidity generated from the hot sunshine.

Also, they are equipped with two rare vents that take out moisture to ensure the rider is comfortable all the time. The face shield comes with two glasses to ensure the rider is protected from UV radiation.

The smoked tinted glass could reduce light intensity, especially when riding during the night. The clear one is suitable for daytime since they protect your eyes and enables you to have a wider view of the road.

Also, they are DOT and ECE certified since they have met and exceeded all the road safety requirements.



  • They guarantee protection from the harsh effects of sunlight.

  • They are made with an integrated ventilation system.

  • They contain ESP technology crasher foam.

  • They are not aerodynamic; thus, they are not well streamlined.

2. ILM Bluetooth Modular Helmet

ILM bluetooth modular helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Modular Helmet provides the ultimate durability that each motorcycle rider desires since it has been manufactured by the ABS shell known for its toughness.

They have been designed with an aerodynamic shape to ensure they are streamlined enough to ensure that the helmet does not lift while riding at higher speeds.

Also, they have been built with an extensive ventilation system to ensure that the ride stays in a comfortable and cool environment while riding.

The dual visor enhances the field of view and ensures clear visibility even when riding during the night or intense sunlight.

They have a removable and washable inner lining to prevent bacteria from growing and ensure the rider stays in a healthy environment free from odor.

These motorcycle helmets are more distinguished than the other and loved by many riders because they come fitted with Bluetooth headsets, so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

The Bluetooth is well integrated and supports 8 hours of talk time and 11 hours of standby mode. This is ideal for receiving and ending calls, and also it can be used for entertainment purposes.

You can connect it with your mobile phone to steam your best music as you enjoy the adventure or listen to your favorite radio station to feel motivated.

The Bluetooth headset has been advanced and supports up to 1000 feet between two riders.

They contain two high-quality speakers with built-in stereo sound to ensure you are having maximum pleasure.

They are DOT approved since they meet and exceed all road safety standards.



  • They are lightweight yet durable.

  • Built with ABS material thus, durability is a guarantee.

  • They have a comfortable interior.

  • Comes with inbuilt Bluetooth Intercom.

  • They produce more noise while riding at a higher speed.

3. LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet

LS2 modular helmet

LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet is your best selection if you are in for a reliable helmet.

These motorcycle helmets have been built to showcase an excellent design, and they have been built with a high-quality polycarbonate material; thus, durability is guaranteed.

The helmet has been incorporated with a twin shield system and a built-in sun visor to protect the rider against UV radiation and direct sunlight.

Also, they have a smoked tinted glass to reduce light intensity during the night to enable the rider to have a clear view of the road.

The kinetic polycarbonate alloy shell has been advanced and fitted with an integrated ventilation system to ensure a sufficient cool airflow inside the helmet.

Also, it has two rare exhaust vents to take out the hot air and humidity that might have built up inside the helmet due to harsh weather conditions.

The helmet has been structured with an aerodynamic shape to ensure it is well streamlined, and thus the rider can penetrate through the wind at a higher speed with minimal wind noise.

The helmet has been designed with all the quality features expected to be on the high-end helmets, yet it is very inexpensive.



  • They are well streamlined to reduce air resistance.

  • They produce very minimal noise.

  • They are inexpensive.

  • They are DOT and ECE approved; hence, they have met and exceeded all road safety requirements.

  • It does not offer a perfect fit.

4. LuanLe Bluetooth Modular Helmet

luanle bluetooth modular helmet

These motorcycle helmets have been made with a strong ABA shell, making them durable enough to resist hard impacts.

In the interior, they are designed with a dual-density EPS buffer layer. This comfortable lining is thickly padded to absorb all the shocks that might be generated while riding to keep the rider’s head safe all the time.

As much as this is a low-budget motorcycle helmet, it is versatile, thus preferred by many riders.

It comes with two visor glasses, the one that is smoked, ideal for reducing brightness is colored lights and the one that is clear to give the rider a wider view of the road. The visors are strong enough such that they are wear-resistant and they are anti-scratch too.

The helmet has been made with aerodynamic designs to ensure that it is well streamlined to minimize air resistance.

The built-in spoilers with an advanced ventilation system make this helmet an icon that most riders admire.

The vents at the front of the helmet ensure a maximum flow of cold and fresh air inside the helmet. The two rare exhaust vents remove the excessively hot air and humidity to ensure the rider is in a healthy environment.

They are unique from the rest of the helmets because they come fitted with a Bluetooth headset, making communication easy and convenient while on the road.

The Bluetooth headsets have been integrated to be water-resistant, and thus they are ideal to be worn even in rainy weather conditions. This provides universal connectivity among motorcycle riders.

You can also pair it with your mobile phones and stream your favorite music as you enjoy your adventure, or you can switch to your favorite radio station for more fun.

The Bluetooth headsets could be used to receive, end, and reject some calls, making it more convenient since one can perform all those functions with just a button.



  • They are cheap.

  • They have an integrated ventilation system.

  • They come with Bluetooth headsets making them more reliable while on the road.

  • They are known to be producing more noise, especially when riding at higher speeds.

5. GMAX MD-01 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

GMAX MD 01 modular helmet

This is an ideal choice for cross-country and off-road motorcycle riders.

It has been designed with a special SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax interior to give the rider that dry and comfortable ride they have always been yearning for.

The interior is lined with a removable and washable charcoal bamboo fiber, thus making cleaning the helmet much more conducive to preventing bacteria and odor from building up.

Also, the compact poly-alloy shell is very lightweight, making them more ideal for long-distance travel.

The face shield has been integrated with anti-scratch features to offer clear visibility and a wider field of view to ensure the rider remains focused all the time while on the road.

Also, they offer maximum protection against UV radiation; thus, they are bound to provide the safety that riders have always desired.

They have been fitted with a rare LED light to enhance visibility, especially at night or in heavy rain.

They are DOT approved, and thus they have met and exceeded all the road safety standards requirements.



  • They have a cool and comfortable interior.

  • Light in weight thus comfortable for long rides.

  • They have met all the standards of FMVSS 218.

  • They are known to be producing much noise when riding at higher speeds.

6. LS2 Horizon Modular Helmet

LS2 Horizon modular motorcycle helmet

Among all the motorcycle helmets, this one has been uniquely designed with a chin bar that could be customized to go up and back or down, making them more ideal for fast riders.

It has been designed with several sizes to ensure a total fit for many riders.

The sun visor is geared actuated to ensure the rider gets maximum protection against the harmful UV radiation.

The outer shell is made from high-class proprietary kinetic polymer alloy; hence, durability is guaranteed.

They are also strong enough to ensure maximum protection against impacts on the road.

They have met all the necessary road standards, and thus they are DOT, and ECE approved, making them convenient for riding in any terrain.



  • Guarantee 100% protection against UV radiations.

  • They contain anti-scratch and anti-fog visors.

  • They are extremely lightweight, thus convenient for long-distance rides.

  • It contains tight cheek pads.

7. Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Helmet

sena outrush bluetooth modular helmet

Integrating the most advanced cutting-edge technology in their modular helmets, the Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Helmet offers a great resolution to the riders in for a unique helmet.

It has featured reliable Bluetooth headsets with an HD intercom system to provide audio clarity. Thus, it is easy to hear what other riders are saying during communication.

The Bluetooth headsets are well integrated. They support up to 15 talk time hours and can also be paired with mobile phones for the rider to listen to their best playlist while enjoying their adventure or opt for turning into their favorite radio station to be entertained.

Also, the helmet is manufactured by polycarbonate material which is a hard one known for making durable and comfortable helmets.

They come in various sizes, and thus riders with big heads need not worry anymore because their demands have been taken care of by this motorcycle helmet.

They are DOT and ECE certified and thus ideal for road usage.



  • Maximum protection against UV radiations.

  • They are DOT and ECE certified.

  • They are durable.

  • Contain anti-scratch features.

  • They are not so aerodynamic.

8. FreedConn Bluetooth Modular Helmet

freedconn bluetooth modular helmet

Unlike the helmets mentioned above, this one comes with an integrated Bluetooth 3.0 headset to keep one connected with other motorcycle riders.

The Bluetooth has all the standard features to give your riding experience the thrill it deserves since it has been fitted with GPS tracking; one can receive, end, or even reject calls with a press of a button.

What makes them more amazing is their purpose of getting the rider entertained since they can be paired with the mobile phones to stream music or navigate to the FM radio mode to listen to your favorite radio station.

They have strong-built batteries that allow up to 9 hours of an intercom system, 12 hours if used for phone calls only, and up to 120 hours in standby mode.

The helmet is the most durable one since it has been manufactured with a strong polycarbonate material that can resist hard impacts.

The interior has been designed with thickly padded foam material to ensure maximum comfort, and all the shocks generated by the road are absorbed.

The inner lining is removable and washable; thus, cleaning them is convenient.

They contain an advanced ventilation system to keep the riders cool and eliminate the hot air and humidity that might have built up due to harsh weather conditions.



  • They have been integrated with 3.0 Bluetooth headsets.

  • Deodorant cheek pads.

  • Efficient ventilation system.

  • DOT approved.

  • They are lightweight.

  • The Bluetooth headset has been reported to be malfunctioning on many occasions.

9. Fly Racing Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This motorcycle helmet has been built with the latest technology of polycarbonate material in combination with lightweight built making them a perfect selection form the riders who long distance travels is their thing.

Furthermore, the ventilation system has been updated and modified with four front vents to let in sufficient cold air and two rare exhaust vents to eliminate the hot air that might have built up.

They are an excellent motorcycle helmet for people under a low-end budget but want something with all the features on a high-end helmet.

The interior has been built with a dual-density EPS to ensure maximum absorption of road impacts.

Also, the inner lining is removable and washable, and thus, cleaning it is much more convenient.

The sun shield comes with two visor glasses, a clear one and a smoked one so that the rider can choose the one that is best for them depending on the lighting condition, but they guarantee maximum protection against UV radiation.



  • Washable and removable comfort liners.

  • They contain anti-scratch and anti for visor.

  • They guarantee the rider 100% protection against UV radiation.

  • The cheek pads have been tightly fitted.

10. ScorpionEXO EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet

scorpionexo exo-gt3000 modular helmet

Undoubtedly, the helmets by Scorpion have gained a massive appreciation, especially because of the economic factor and the premium materials used in manufacturing them.

They have been made from a polycarbonate shell which is a hard material to ensure durability and maximum protection against all road impacts.

Based on the dual-density EPS form fitted on the cheek pads, it guarantees maximum shock absorption.

The shield visor is another factor that ensures the rider’s eyes are always protected against the dangers of the road and harmful UV radiation.

Moreover, they have been designed with anti-scratch and ant fog features to ensure durability and convenience.

Also, they contain an integrated ventilation system to ensure the helmet’s environment is conducive all the time.



  • They contain washable and removable comfort liners.

  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance.

  • 100% protection against UV radiation.

  • They are extremely light in weight.

  • They have been reported to be producing noise while riding at higher speeds.

Buyer’s Guide for Modular Helmet under $300

1. Safety

Safety should never be a tradeoff for the price; therefore, a good modular helmet should guarantee maximum rider protection against all the dangers on the road.

It is very dangerous to go for something cheap in price and safety; therefore, the helmet should guarantees maximum protection.

2. Ventilation

The best motorcycle helmets should be fitted with an integrated ventilation system.

This is a major factor to consider since the faster you ride, the hotter you feel, and therefore you will need something to eliminate the warm moisture from the helmet’s interior.

3. Weight

It is very convenient to go for lightweight helmets, especially for a long-distance rider, since it will help reduce headaches and fatigue while on the road.

The helmet should also allow one to move their head freely around; therefore, one should go for a well-balanced helmet that does not have much weight.

4. Paddings

One should also consider the inner EPS foam padding since this layer keeps the riders comfortable and provides other protection to one’s head and face.

These paddings also help absorb some of the shocks; therefore, one should look for a well-padded helmet.

5. Size and Fit

Look for motorcycle helmets It does not matter how fancy, attractive and expensive the helmet is; it will not be perfect if one goes for the wrong size; therefore, it might not guarantee maximum safety to the rider.

The majority of the shops have measurements charts for measuring the helmet shell sizes and head shapes to ensure that you settle for the right one.


The above motorcycle helmets provide maximum protection to the riders while on the road and at the same time save the rider some money since they are affordable.

They are durable, and the majority of them are light in weight, thus suitable for long-distance rides.

These motorcycle helmets make riding fun and good outdoor activity.

The above-outlined motorcycle helmets will help riders settle on the best helmets that suit their requirements.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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