Modular versus Full-face Helmet: Which one to buy?

modular helmet versus full-face helmet

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Modular versus Full-face Helmet: Which one to buy?


According to MotoFolder, motorcycle helmets are the best equipment to keep one safe while navigating the road and enjoying their adventures; that’s why helmet manufacturers are always designing different models and designs to fit one specific comfort and needs.

There are several helmets available in the market, but they are not created with the same intentions, and that even goes far to the safety concerns they offer.

The riders who are concerned about their safety are in for modular helmet or a full-face helmet because this is the one that has been termed to be offering maximum protection.

There are a lot of similarities between the two helmets such that it becomes confusing to the motorcycle riders to know which is the best to settle for.

Both motorcycle helmets have their strengths and weaknesses, and therefore, below are some of the things you need to know before deciding what you are going to choose.

Modular Helmet

Modular Helmet

A modular helmet is the modern design of the helmets since it entails incorporating a hinge system that allows the chin-bar to open up easily just with a simple press of a button.

When you press the button, and the chin-bar opens up, it transforms the helmet into an open face helmet for more convenience and ventilation.

When the chin-bar closes again, it transforms into a full-face helmet. The main reason these helmets were designed was for convenience and comfortability purposes.

Also, it is easy to communicate with other riders during quick stops without removing the helmet.

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Even though technology has advanced so fast when it comes to communication, there are motorcycle Bluetooth headsets that are being used nowadays, but if you want to gulp down some water at a gas stop, a modular helmet has it all since it is very convenient.

Also, when interrogating different motorcycle rides on their choices of helmets, many reported that they liked the modular helmet because the full-face lid gives them a claustrophobic feeling that irritates them.

Modular Helmet

They like opening the chin-bar quickly whenever there is a need, and that’s a thing. This is the new design of manufacturing motorcycle helmets and making them look classy.

Despite being used for protection, it makes one look classy, thus boosting their confidence as one navigates the road.

In many full-face helmets, you will realize that they lack an internal sun visor, but to these modular helmets, that’s common. The sun visor is just an inbuilt sunglasses that can be flipped down whenever needed since it adds extra protection to the eyes.

Despite most full-face helmets being designed with a double sun shield, a tinted one and a clear one, it does not portray convenience in the essence that one has to switch from a clear one to the tinted one to be protected against sun rays and the UV radiations.

However, with these modular helmets, the manufacturers always advise that one should not ride, especially at high speed, with the chin-bar open because you will not like the experience.

Riding with the chin-bar open is likely to expose the rider to much harm in the essence that wind can grab the chin-bar and pull and yank your head around, which is very painful.

However, while enjoying your slow ride in a busy town, one can use the open chin-bar as a flex.

The features of Modular Helmet: Pros and Cons

Modular motorcycle helmets have become very popular amongst riders because of their comfortability and convenient purposes. Therefore below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the helmet.


  • This is a good compromise between a full-face helmet and the open face helmet since it offers many conveniences in breathability.
  • Also, when speaking of the ventilation system, many riders who prefer these helmets open the chinbar to get some fresh air and cold breeze, especially during hot climatic conditions.
  • This is the best motorcycle helmet for riders whose priority is face-to-face communication. It is perfect for the people who conduct delivery and couriers business since it becomes easy to communicate with their clients.
  • It has added an advantage to the riders who wear sunglasses since it is easy to wear the helmet and the sunglasses once.
  • It is designed with a tinted visor which is not very common on the other type of helmets. Tinted visors are known for their maximum protection against UV radiation, thus guaranteeing the optimum rider protection.


  • Modular helmets have been reportedly slightly heavy compared to other helmets and, more specifically, full-face helmets. With the hinge system and the included internal sun visor, they have occupied more space and also, they generally have a large shell size compared to the full-face helmets.
  • The full face guarantees more protection than the full-face helmets since it has no weak points for the rotating chinbar. However, they have been approved and are DOT certified, but the full-face helmets are safer.
  • Modular helmets are reported to be generating much wind noise. However, this is associated with the size and fit of the helmet on the individual head.

Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Full-face helmet

When the history of full-face motorcycle helmets is traced, it can be depicted that it originated in 1966, with Bell being the faster manufacturer.

Since then, it has undergone gradual change and modifications until the flip-up visors were introduced.

These motorcycle helmets have been regarded as the best in terms of protection since they cover the rider’s entire head.

Initially, they were open face helmets that were not secure because they left the riders with many vulnerabilities in case one crashes.

Motorcycle riders widely use full-face helmets.

They have been made very classy in that they are hinged with a face shield that opens and closes to allow the rider to get some fresh air while enjoying their adventure, especially on a hot sunny day.

Because these motorcycle helmets guarantee maximum protection, it is a requirement for the riders who are always on the road, and comfort in every motion is their priority.

Full-face helmet

Full-face helmet has been approved and certified by SNELL and ECE, and therefore, they are ideal for use in any terrain.
Therefore, this is their helmet to the riders in for maximum protection.

Also, full-face helmets have been slightly lighter in weight when compared to other models of helmets, and thus they are ideal for long-distance riders.

Also, they tend to be much silent compared to the modular helmets within the respective pricing points since there are more expensive modular helmets with total noise reduction; therefore, the general rule holds.

Many motorcycle riders, especially those who go for long-distance rides, cannot avoid sliding forever, and therefore they need the best head protection attire. For this reason, it is recommended that each motorcycle rider should not miss a helmet on their head.

The features of a full-face helmet: Pros and Cons

The full-face helmets are a priority to any rider looking for maximum protection against road hazards since they cover the entire head and sustains many injuries in case of an impact.


  • These motorcycle helmets have been rated to be producing the best protection available to the riders since they cover the entire head.
  • Most modern full-face helmets come with an inbuilt visor to give the rider fresh air as they unwind their adventure.
  • Compared to the modular helmets, full-face tend to be much lighter because they don’t have to accommodate the visor lifting mechanism, and thus they are ideal for long-distance travels.
  • In case of an accident, these helmets tend to sustain most injuries, and thus the rider will walk away with very few minor injuries.


  • It is claustrophobic to some riders, especially those always on the road.
  • The riders in the hot region will find these helmets to be too stuffy and lack adequate ventilation systems.
  • They are attached with visor fogging problems to the riders in the cold and humid regions.
  • It is problematic for riders who wear sunglasses since it is hard to find a full-face helmet that easily accommodates.
  • Many full-face motorcycle helmets tend to lack inbuilt sun visors.

Modular versus Full Face Helmet: Which one to buy?

This question is answered differently based on the riders’ perspectives and demands and the region that one is located.

Protection is their ultimate goal in both helmets, but it’s not about comfortability only but convenience. This is so because you can’t take big gulps of drinks or water or enjoy eating pizza on a full-face helmet.

Therefore, it is not about which helmet is better, but which fits your personality and demands perfectly. This is so because what is perfect for me might not be what other riders like.

Therefore one needs to understand what they need most, and definitely, it will lead them to what works better for them.

Also, provided one looks for helmets that offer maximum safety, they are good to go, both of the helmets are best, and their safety rating is nearly equal.


Protecting yourself while on the road is the most fundamental activity that should be treated with a lot of seriousness.

Settling on a particular helmets model is a complex task, especially when you are unsure of the option that defines your demands.

There are numerous modular and full-face helmets available on the market. Settling on the ones that meet your specifications might not be an easy task, especially when you don’t know what to consider.

Therefore, the above helmet clarification outlines the differences, drawbacks, and benefits of each model of the motorcycle helmet and thus helps the rider settle on the best depending on their region, demands, and personality.

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