The 9 Best Snowmobile Helmet for Winters (2024)

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The 9 Best Snowmobile Helmet for Winters (2024)


Initially, snowmobiles used to be a hobby of a few individuals, but many people have been interested in the activity, and now it is the way of life in the winter season. This has led to the invention of snowmobiles that have increased speeds.

The increased speed attracts some precautions because they tend to be risky if one is not well protected.

This has drawn a lot of attention to the manufacturers to make the adventure safer and secure; therefore, there was a need to introduce head safety snowmobile helmets.

There are various types of snowmobiling helmets, and some are economical, making them much more affordable while are costly. But even the economical ones have been designed very well, and they guarantee maximum protection.

So if you are on a limited budget and still want to enjoy the snowmobile adventure and stay protected during winter, these are the best helmets to settle on.

However, if budget is not a major concern, you can go for the high-end ones. But before deciding on what to settle on, you must first know what you are looking for to get the best snowmobile helmets that fulfill your demands and personality.

Therefore below are some of the best snowmobiles to settle on for your adventures during the winter season.

A list of the 9 Best Snowmobile Helmet is listed below:

If you are in short of time to read the whole article, we have picked out these three choices for you.






HJC CS-R3SN Snowmobile Helmet


CastleX CX950 Electric Snowmobile Helmet


Ski-doo BV2S Modular Electric SE Helmet

1. Typhoon TH158 Modular Snowmobile Helmet

Typhoon TH158 Modular Snowmobile Helmet

This snowmobile helmet has been a recommendation for anyone who wears glasses while riding since it has been designed to take care of the eyes. The front face and the underneath of the visor have been elongated to allow more space for the sunglasses.

At least this makes the people with eye problems feel appreciated since they can also enjoy the snowmobile adventure and get to have the fun and thrills that come with riding on the snow.

It has been designed with a dual pain-heated lens to keep the fog down on the visor of the glasses.

Also, since winter is cold and one needs to retain the heated warmth, they have been made with thick inner paddings that act as shock absorbers and are also used to retain heat on the head.

The activity might require one to use strength at some points; thus, they might be breathing heavily, so the helmets have been made with an adjustable breath box for comfortability and to remove the excessively hot air from building up inside the helmet.

Also, the breath box acts as a regulator since it also blocks the cold air from entering inside the helmet.



  • It has Dual Visor system.

  • They contain comfortable chin straps, especially if they need to be tightened up.

  • They are affordable.

  • They are bulky.

2. CastleX Mode D/S SV Snowmobile Helmet

CastleX Mode DS SV Snowmobile Helmet

These snowmobile helmets have been designed using advanced CAD technology and polycarbonate injection molding, a high-quality material that guarantees maximum protection.

In the interior of the snowmobile helmet, there are multi-density EPS paddings placed on the side and the chin bar, making the interior comfier.

It has an integrated ventilation system that allows excessively hot air inside the helmet and blocks the cold air from entering it.

What makes these helmets loved by most people is the face shield that has been uniquely designed with a hard coat to avoid scratches.

Also, the face shield comes with high definition amber tint sun visor that makes them look classier, and also it aids in the level of visual clarity.

The detachable interior paddings are removable and washable; thus, cleaning the helmet becomes easy and efficient to prevent bacteria from growing due to the accumulation of sweat.

Also, they have an adjustable chin strap so that you can customize them to fit comfortably on your head. They are DOT and ECE approved and certified, and thus they are ideal for snowmobiling activities.



  • They have a comfortable fit.

  • It is built with advanced CAD technology making them durable and long-lasting.

  • Premium looks.

  • Many customers have reported that it does not have enough ventilation system.

3. HJC i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet

HJC i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet

HJC has been in the market for a long time and is now declared the best brand for snowmobiling helmets.

These helmets have been customized and fitted with all the requirements for snow sports activities.

The helmet has been equipped with a dual-pane electric shield and a customized breathable box to regulate the amount of cold air entering the helmet and remove the excessively hot air.

The shell used in designing the helmet is made of an advanced polycarbonate material which is among the most durable materials used n designing helmets.

Therefore safety is guaranteed while assuring maximum pleasure from riding at higher speed on the snow.

Also, they have been incorporated with a glass groove for the people who wear glasses.

This is an intermediate type of helmet since they are not very expensive, but they have all the qualities to protect one during their snowmobiling adventures.



  • Easy to wear even to the people who wear glasses.

  • They have been designed with a warm lining.

  • Dedicated space for people who wear glasses.

  • They are slightly expensive.

4. 509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet

509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet

Snowmobiling is among the sports and adventures that are enjoyed most in the cold, and this sometimes might not be healthy for one’s health.

Therefore, they need to protect their head heavily from adverse serious weather conditions.

If you want the best snowmobiling helmets for that situation, the 509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet is the best option to settle on.

It has been designed with an integrated ventilation system that regulates the cold air entering the helmet and warm air escaping inside, keeping you warm all the time.

It has been customized with all the features needed for winter adventures.

These are the fidlock chinstrap, breath box, tinted shields to make it look classy and protect you from all the dangers that could harm your eyes.

They contain a removable and washable liner; thus, cleaning them is easy and convenient.

These helmets have been rated as the best and most effective for keeping one warm during the harsh winter and ensuring maximum protection and comfort.

They are DOT approved and have met and exceeded all the winter helmet safety requirements.



  • They are DOT certified; thus, maximum protection is guaranteed.

  • They contain effective and efficient heating systems.

  • Design is appealing.

  • The shield has been reported to be loosely fitted.

5. Ski-doo BV2S Modular Electric SE Helmet

Ski-doo BV2S Modular Electric SE Helmet

On the other end of the price spectrum is the Ski-doo BV2S Modular Electric SE Helmet.

They are expensive, but they have all the features worth the price since they have been designed with M-Forge composite materials known for making lightweight, durable helmets.

These snowmobiling helmets are one of the lightest helmets around and are very comfortable such that when you have them on, you don’t feel like removing them.

The ventilation is integrated since they are remotely controlled and contain airflow chambers that regulate the cold air entering the helmet and the warm air leaving the helmet so that the rider remains at an optimum temperature.

What makes them more outstanding is their panoramic field of view and the effective heating system that makes them very impressive and classic.

This helmet has all the bells and whistles that anyone looking for a classic helmet would be considering.

Also, they contain a retractable sun visor that changes automatically depending on the lighting conditions and the remote control heated visor for easy use.

It has been designed with thick inner paddings for noise reduction and a neck skirt to protect the rider’s neck from cold.



  • They are very light in weight.

  • They have a great field of vision.

  • They are DOT approved.

  • They have been made with M-Forge composite material, which is high quality and thus guarantees maximum protection.

  • They are very expensive.

6. CastleX CX950 Electric Snowmobile Helmet

CastleX CX950 Electric Snowmobile Helmet

Among the best snowmobiling helmets is the CastleX CX950 because they are versatile and have numerous features to offer.

It is a modular helmet, and therefore the riders benefit from lifting the chin bar if they want to take a break from their rides or if an emergency has arisen, making them more convenient, thus being preferred by most snowmobiling riders.

These are among the most classy helmets available since they have been made from an LG polycarbonate material shell known for its durability and toughness; thus, maximum protection is guaranteed.

Also, the inner dual-density EPS form layer is designed to protect the rider against impacts while riding on the rugged snow terrain.

They have met and exceeded all the DOT standards and are therefore recommended.

Also, the helmet has been made with a large eye port to increase the rider’s field of view.

The anti-microbial liners are very comfortable and removable, thus making cleaning them easy and conducive.

The helmet has been integrated with aero tuned ventilation system to regulate the amount of cold air entering and the amount of hot air leaving the helmet.



  • Oversized eye-port to increase the field of view.

  • They have been designed with effective heating systems.

  • They are DOT approved.

  • They are made from advanced LG polycarbonate material, which is tough and durable to guarantee maximum protection.

  • They are a little heavy.

  • They are slightly expensive.

7. HJC CS-R3SN Snowmobile Helmet

HJC CS-R3SN Snowmobile Helmet

HJC is known for manufacturing large helmets, and thus if you are a snowmobiling rider with a big head, this is a nice selection for you.

It is affordable and has all the needed features for winter snow rides, such as the pin-lock lens system used to reduce fog buildup.

The helmet has been designed to use different sheds depending on their environment’s lighting since it contains a RapidFire shield.

They have been fitted with an integrated ventilation system that ensures optimum temperature inside the helmet by regulating the amount of colder air flowing inside and the hot air moving out.



  • They are very affordable since they are cheap compared to other helmets.

  • They are DOT and ECE certified and approved.

  • Made from hard ABS shell and thus maximum head protection is guaranteed.

  • They are not fitted with a heating system.

8. O’Neal Sierra II Snowmobile Helmet

O'Neal Sierra II Snowmobile Helmet

The O’Neal Sierra II Snowmobile Helmet comes in many color options and sizes and thus gives the rider a wide variety to pick from.

The inner paddings are made from dual-density EPS form material suitable for absorbing all the impacts that might be generated due to rugged terrain.

These snowmobile helmets are DOT, AS, and ECE 2205 certified, and thus they meet and exceed all the safety standards and are durable.

The outer shell is made from polycarbonate material which is strong enough to last for a long period, and maximum head protection is guaranteed.

For the ventilation system, these snowmobile helmets have been well integrated with vents placed across the front, top and rare parts to ensure the environment inside the helmet is conducive for riders.

Also, the inner lining is removable and washable, making cleaning very efficient.



  • They come in various sizes for a better fit so that one can pick on the one that fits them nicely.

  • They are good value for money.

  • They contain an adjustable breath box.

  • They are a bit noisy when one is riding at higher speeds.

9. LS2 Helmets Subverter Evo Snowmobile Helmet

LS2 Helmets Subverter Evo Snowmobile Helmet

This LS2 Helmets Subverter Evo Snowmobile Helmet has been designed with a twin shield system sun visor to ensure maximum protection from UV radiation.

The rider can control the intensity of the sun they want to receive.

They have been fitted with an electric shield to resist fogging, making them more conducive for winter.

The helmet has been DOT approved, and therefore they meet and exceed all the safety winter helmet requirements.

They are very affordable and guarantee maximum protection, and therefore if you are in for an economical helmet, this is a great choice.



  • Excellent value for money.

  • Easy to put on while wearing glasses.

  • They contain a warmer lining.

  • It has been poorly sized.

Buyer’s Guide for Snowmobile Helmet

While buying the snowmobiling helmets, you need to consider which factor matters the most, especially in places where budget is not a major concern.

There are many types of snowmobiling helmets to pick from, determined by one’s styling of riding.

Despite settling for helmets that guarantee maximum protection, it is also advisable to choose one that offers maximum comfortability if you want to have more out of your adventure.

Therefore there are essential things to consider to purchase the best, and these are:

1. Breath Guard

This is an essential part of the snowmobiling helmets because they act as a ventilation system and seal one’s mouth and nose to avoid getting soggy because of the fogs during winter.

2. Lenses

This displays the significance of the anti-fogging technology, which is a key element to consider for snowmobiling helmets. When the quality of the lenses is what matters to you the most, you should go for helmets fitted with high-quality lenses.

To obtain the best, you need to consider aspects like the material used in making the lenses, impact rating, and the anti-fogging features. Or even you can decide to settle on the dual-pane lenses because they are the best so far.

3. Ventilation

The best snowmobiling helmets should be fitted with an integrated ventilation system.

This is a major factor to consider since the faster you ride, the hotter you feel, and therefore you will need something to eliminate the warm moisture from the helmet’s interior.

There are other factors like the safety rating and additional features that need to be considered too.


The above snowmobiling helmets provide maximum protection to the riders while maneuvering around the snow and, at the same time, save the rider some money since they are affordable.

They are durable, and the majority of them are light in weight, thus suitable for long-distance rides.

These snowmobiling helmets make riding fun and good outdoor activity.

The outlined snowmobiling helmets will help riders settle on the best helmets that suit their requirements.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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