Best Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide

Best motorcycle tires buying guide

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Best Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide


Knowing the type of motorcycle tire to buy is essential because you will need to replace the tires regardless of what type of motorcycle you are riding.

One safety requirement is ensuring you ride a motorcycle with good tire conditions. However, this is not a simple activity as some people do not know when the right time to do so is.

Besides, numerous brands sell motorcycle tires, making it more confusing for new motorcycle enthusiasts to know what brand to settle on.

Therefore, understanding when to replace your motorcycle tire requires you to consider different factors that could be overwhelming.

Also, factors like tire size, tread pattern, and whether you want to settle for tube or tubeless come in handy in selecting the best tire. This makes a motorcycle tire buying guide to be very important.

When to replace your motorcycle tires 

There must be a reason why you need to change the tire. Some scenarios could require one to repair the current tire they are using, and when the conditions are very adverse, you will need to buy a new one.

One of the main reasons you will need new tires is because the current ones are worn or greatly damaged, but there are other factors one can consider and know it is the right time to acquire new tires.

best motorcycle tire

1. Depth of tread

Treads of the motorcycle tire significantly affects the rider’s safety. If you realize they are worn out past the safe levels, you should look for means to replace them.

Some tires have been nicely designed, like the Michelin tires, with a wear indicator at the bottom of the main groove, and this is useful in telling the rider when they need to find new tires.

If you realize it has been worn out past that mark, it calls for you to find new ones. But as a disciplined rider, do not wait for that limit to be reached to look for new tires; you can periodically check with your mechanic to help prevent any unsafe issues. This should be part of your regular motorcycle maintenance.

2. Damage

Damage is any unusual wear pattern in the tire that could be unsafe, especially for speeding and long-distance riders.

Therefore, if you realize some imperfections in the tire, it is good to consult with the mechanic and be examined to know if they are safe for riding. There are things like the shock absorber, which could be worn out or an issue with the transmission.

These basic things can cause more harm and might risk the rider’s safety. Also, the tire might be damaged because of not following the safety precaution. For instance, using incorrect tire pressure and the wheel alignment and balance.

This should be checked regularly, like every six months, to prolong the wheel’s lifespan. However, if you know they are greatly damaged, do not hesitate to change them.

3. Age of the tire

The lifespan of motorcycle tires is very difficult to predict because it also depends on how one rides their motorcycle. The roads that the rider navigates through the most. How they break. The type of loads that you carry on your bike.

These are some factors that affect the lifespan of the motorcycle tires. However, you can always check regularly on any tire aging signs. This can be realized by noticing any signs of cracking in the tread.

There is no age limit for a tire, however, if they are more than five years old, they should be examined by a mechanic to ensure they are in good condition, and if not, they should be replaced.

4. Your tire has a puncture

Motorcycle tires are always manufactured to be durable and strong, but that does not mean they cannot get punctured. Although this is a minor problem, if the tire is prone to get punctured more frequently, it could imply that it is worn out and calls for a new one.

Therefore, if this happens, you can call a professional mechanic to come and help you fix it. However, you can fix it by yourself, but it requires sufficient knowledge and skills. These skills can be obtained after riding for a long duration.

5. Style change

Style change has nothing to do with the tire damage. Maybe the current motorcycle tire on your bike does not satisfy your demands and preferences.

Or maybe through navigating the market, you find a new set that will enhance the appearance and performance of your motorcycle because they have more grip and mileage capabilities.

Or you want to have a test of the other brands and models. However, it would be best if you were careful not to be deceived by the appearance, which does not match your motorcycle’s capabilities.

Types of Motorcycle Tires 

types of motorcycle tires

Tires on your motorcycle are very critical for safety and performance. Since there are numerous brands and models in the market, you need to be careful about the ones you settle for.

To determine which will best suit you, you need to know the kind of motorcycle you ride, and your riding habits also play a significant role. If you are riding a sport bike, you cannot settle for ordinary tires. Sport bikes are made for speed and performance, which can be obtained with good tires.

However, the sports bike versatility is on another level as it can be used for racing on weekends when you are out with your friends having fun, a bike night machine when you want to enjoy cool rides at night, and a commuter bike during the week to take you to and from the job.

Therefore to have a good tire, it should address all those needs. Before purchasing new tires, you should consider your riding styles; if you examine yourself and find that most of the time you are on the road, you will need a tire more attuned to racing and the ones that provide much comfort.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts who started riding for a long duration probably identified the best brand and opted to stick with it. However, with the newbies, this could be a challenge.

Therefore, below are some tires you can try out and find the ones that will suit your riding styles.

1. Cruiser and Touring Tires

Cruiser and Touring Motorcycle Tires

These are tires for heavy-weight motorcycles. They require a special tire that can contain their weight and enhance performance, and since most heavy-weight riders are prone o carrying loads, they need a tire that can handle all that.

Besides this, motorcycle enthusiasts tend to be on the road for the longest duration, meaning they cover a high mileage and need a proper tire to prevent them from changing them more frequently.

The appropriate cruiser and touring tires are filled with harder rubber compounds that take longer before they are completely worn out.

However, you should be very cautious with these tires as they are not meant for aggressive speeds and negotiating sharp corners but to be used for highway speed. They have a huge tread pattern to provide possible grip, making the motorcycle more comfortable.

2. Dual Sport and ADV Tires

ADV Motorcycle Tires

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who navigates different types of roads, you ride in different weather conditions; this tire will suit your demands. They have been designed for multi-functional activities.

Different brands manufacture this, but a renowned brand is Michelin. It has been there in the market, and they have a good reputation because they are good at their work.

These tires’ popular features are the less aggressive lean angles and deeper water-shedding sipes. This enhances the reliability giving the rider more confidence while navigating the wet traction. Besides, they have been designed with uninterrupted expanses of softer tread along the edges.

This is ideal when the rider is on dry land as it makes the motorbike more aggressive increasing speed and performance.

They have been designed well, and durability is guaranteed; riders can use them for up to 10 000 miles before even visiting the mechanic for service and maintenance; however, that is much influenced by your riding styles, the roads you navigate through, the kind of loads you carry on your bike.

You might get more or less of that mileage. Because they are equipped for different terrains, efficiency, and acceleration, they also support big break pads; hence, breaking is more efficient and reliable.

However, you will have to spend a few bucks on this because they are relatively pricy.

3. Sport Tires 

Sport Motorcycle Tires

These tires are equipped with racing capabilities; however, they can still be used for normal activities like riding on the city street. They have been designed with sticky grips that guarantee high performance.

These are unique motorcycle tires because they keep a slick look for quick warms, but they have innovative tread design patterns that are ideal for repelling water and preventing skidding while riding on a wet road.

Besides, racing bikes are meant for speed, which can be achieved through a particular tire set; hence these tires optimize acceleration. Because one is riding at a higher speed and accelerating very fast, the braking system also needs to be ideal and on point.

These tires can accommodate bigger breaks that enable the rider to break instantly, thus minimizing the chances of road accidents. Also, they increase cornering performance; thus, the rider can negotiate a bend at a higher speed.

This has been achieved through their huge size; therefore, if you want your motorbike to have all these capabilities, these are the tires to settle on. They are slightly expensive, but they are worth the price.

Besides, they have extended durability in that they can last for more than five years with proper maintenance.

4. Off-road Tires

Some motorcycle enthusiasts find it more entertaining to navigate the off-road landscape. These are terrains that are filled with potholes, and they are relatively rugged.

Thus you need good tires for this. With normal tires, it will be much more difficult to get the optimum performance, and they might fail to be very durable.

However, there are different motorcycle tires for this as they come in many sizes, and the size of your motorcycle will determine that; if it is big, you will have to focus on the large sizes. Besides, they have different tread patterns and compounds; selecting the best will depend on the intensity of the terrain you navigate the most.

These tires are common in dirt racing motorcycles since they have the performance and speed needed for off-road riding. The problem of not getting the exact size for your motorbike is that it will require you to adjust it, which might alter traction and performance.

The bike could become unstable when negotiating a bend providing less traction, and one might easily skid, more so if riding at a higher speed. Besides, maintain the optimum tire pressure to ensure they last long.

Along with best off-road motorcyce tires, you might need the Best Dirt Bike Helmet for better off-road experience.

Motorcycle Tires Construction

This is a crucial factor as how the motorcycle tires have been constructed can affect the riding styles and the motorcycle’s behavior under different conditions.

The two common methods used in most construction are bias-ply and radial.

1. Bias-Ply

These tires are more rigid and provide better traction on rough terrains; however, they are not built for higher speed; thus, you should be cautious while using them. This is because their internal surface because they have been customized to sustain high impacts making them more convenient for off-road riding.

The mode of constructing these tires is that plies are laid diagonal from bead to bead, with the next ply laid over the top of the previous ply. They are unique and rated based on strength at two-ply, four-ply, and six-ply onwards.

The method of measuring these strengths in the past was used by the materials used in constructing the tire; however, with the rapid advancement in technology, they use fewer materials but have increased the strength.

Therefore, this is ideal for heavy bikes, especially riders who like carrying heavy luggage. Besides, they are ideal for high mileage capabilities.

2. Radial 

These are also strong tires; however, their strength is in different capabilities. Their construction mode equips them with sufficient stability that enhances high speed rather than resistance to impacts.

These tires are ideal for modern bikes because they are good at dissipating heat. Hence can be used for longer millage without being compromised, and also they allow the motorcycle to go very fast as the heat does not build up at critical points.

Although, for off-road riders, it is advisable not to go for this because they are built for smooth surfaces.

3. Bias-Ply with radial 

There are some instances where the motorcycle rider might want to get the test of both tires. This is very practical, and many riders have found it effective.

However, to enhance the practicality of the motorcycle tires, ensure the bias-ply is always at the front because they are relatively tall compared to the radial. It also enhances the appearance of your motorcycle.


If you are considering buying a motorcycle or have already acquired one but are not knowledgeable enough on the choices of tires, this is the ideal guide for you.

It will enable you to understand your motorbike better and the tire type that will best suit the demands of your bike use and your riding style.

If you think you have some more points regarding the topic, then you should write them in the comment section below.

We are happy to hear from you.


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